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Husband, father, woodworker, cyclist, photographer, geek - oh wait, I’m writing this like I only have 140 characters. I am all those things, and more, and all of these passions present me with opportunities to observe, and think about things that I can’t write about in other places. I have started this blog to catch the stuff that falls out, overflows and just plain doesn’t fit the other containers in my life.

Influence Redux

I started this blog three years ago this month with a post on influence that was inspired by some questionable “analysis” of my Klout score. That post attracted one lonely ‘Like’ (Thanks Marc) and the entire month of July 2011 … Continue reading

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Two by Two

I love most “there are two types of people” jokes. You can search the web for list after list of these. I would give you some links but joke lists have a tendency to go south. They either add annoying … Continue reading

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Resawn Tote

Back in May I wrote about purchasing a new band saw for my shop. The primary reason for selecting this particular saw was its resaw capacity. Resawing, in case you don’t want to revisit that post, is the process of … Continue reading

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Introducing the Windsor Locks Canal

As I mentioned Tuesday, this post is a little bit of an exercise for me. I don’t normally work with a lot of photos in one post, and I don’t think I’ve ever tried to describe a “destination” before. I’m … Continue reading

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Must Visit Top 5 Waterfalls Near Mumbai

Originally posted on India Destinations:
Waterfalls Near Mumbai Tired after a long week of hectic work and stress? Well, monsoons have finally touched Mumbai and this time the clouds have been more merciful than before raining more than what we…

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Ring of Criticism

Earlier this year, I participated in what is commonly known as a 360-Review. The concept is pretty straight forward; you are reviewed by your supervisors, your peers, the people who report to you and some people outside of your organization. … Continue reading

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Oh Bob

I follow Bob Vila on Twitter and there are a lot of days that he has a tip that is spot-on perfect. And then are days like this. “10 things to consider when buying a new couch.” Let’s just say … Continue reading

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Independent Me

A couple of days ago, we celebrated our independence here in the United States. I was going to write about independence but I found it hard to consider on a nationwide scale. I mean, I get it. We are no … Continue reading

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Observations from PT

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been dealing with a bout of neck and shoulder pain. This isn’t really a post about me, but since some of you have wished me well, I am making progress and I … Continue reading

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Could You Just Say What You Mean?

I want to start off by giving inspirational credit to a fellow blogger who goes by the name of shops4shoes (ooh, I just felt my wallet twitch in my pocket) over on a blog called “A Little Bit Brave.” I … Continue reading

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