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Are You Going to Eat That

A little over a year ago I posted 8 Simple Rules at a Bar. I don’t have 8 more rules, but I have continued to make observations and I have some additional thoughts about what happens, what should happen and … Continue reading

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Allow Me to Explain…or Not

I few months ago a Facebook friend of mine posted something offensive. Not the bad language thing, but the stupid kind of offensive. Let’s just say that I’m pretty sure anybody who enjoys this blog would not enjoy that post. … Continue reading

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When I Stopped Worrying

One day, when I was about 10 years old, I stopped to see my grandmother on my way home from school (I always cut through her apartment to get to ours because she was often baking). I was upset by … Continue reading

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Car Repairs and Advice for Job Seekers

Over the weekend, my daughter’s car threw a bit of a tantrum. A little bit of noise, a little bit of fluid dispersal and a trip to the dealer on the back of a flatbed. Never a good thing, but … Continue reading

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