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Charles Dickens’ Other Mystery

Earlier this week, I was part of a small group of businessmen meeting with a professor from one of our State Universities. We will be serving as mentors in one of his classes this semester. After the meeting was over, … Continue reading

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We Used To Could Do That

I’m not from the South but I lived there for a year. I wish I could get away with using the expression in the title and its companion expression “might could” but that might make the grammar police who follow … Continue reading

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Sixty Ain’t No Big Thing

Sixty had been coming for a long time, but along the way it went through a few transitions. Growing up in the ’60s, the thought of being sixty seemed impossible. We were convinced that if our parents didn’t blow the … Continue reading

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X-Files Photo Shoot

Our daughter Faith was a big fan of the X-Files when the show was on in Primetime, so the conversation we had while driving in Bridgeville, PA didn’t come as a surprise. As were leaving a Mediterranean Food Festival at … Continue reading

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My Teams Sweep

Note: I don’t often focus on sports here but this was just so cool. I tried to include a few explanations for foreign readers and non-sports fans. Last Thursday evening, while packing for a road trip to Pittsburgh, I was … Continue reading

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The Shape Women Want and the Cuban Missile Crisis

I will be the first to admit that I have a habit of saying dumb things. For example: I did tell my wife, when she was in the early days of being pregnant with our daughter: “you don’t really even … Continue reading

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Who Figured that Out?

Early last year, I sent a few family members an article about the work that was being done in Pittsburgh to clean Kaufman’s Clock. My daughter asked a somewhat technical question about the sandblasting technique the workers were using and … Continue reading

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