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Thursday Doors – Storrowton Village

A couple of weeks ago I shared the doors from the Avenue of States at the Big-E. I’m not going to go back through all the details about the Big-E, 5th largest state agricultural fair, all six New England states, … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Captain Benjamin Allyn II House

Are you ready to see a 346 year old door? Um, how about a 256 year old door? Confused? Yeah, so am I. So are a lot of people, including the National Register of Historic Places. I drive by this … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Dexter

Last week, I featured a collection of decaying properties. Today I’m featuring doors and photos of a historic building in my town that barely escaped being torn down. The building survived, along with the legacy of one of the founding … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Bushnell Park Carousel

The Bushnell Park Carousel is going to be 102 years old this year. It’s a wonderful piece of history and it seems that it’s almost a miracle that it stands today in Hartford’s preeminent park. The carousel isn’t a Hartford … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–Walk to Javits

Last week, I was in New York for a company meeting. Since we were going down on Wednesday for dinner, I decided to go a few hours early, to visit the exhibit hall of a conference being held at the … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–A Few Minutes at Grace Church

“We’re jammed up right now and my partner had to run an errand. Would you mind waiting about 15 minutes?” Normally, if you hear that request from the guy at the hardware store, you sigh and resign yourself to the … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–Reed/Niland Corner

Not much of a door, but I’m guessing it was a welcome sight back in the 1930s.I spent a few days visiting my brother and my mom in Iowa over the past extended weekend. My brother gave me a short … Continue reading

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