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One Liner Wednesday – Growing Up

“You sure you want that?” As I was outside yesterday, a woman pulled her minivan over next to a small wooden desk that someone had put at the curb for the trash collectors. Her young son wanted the desk. She … Continue reading

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One Liner Wednesday – Debate

“You make a good point.” Heard several times earlier this week during discussions with two different groups of people. Hearing that, from people on all sides of an issue, is a sign of a healthy debate.   Part of One-Liner … Continue reading

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A Curious Walk in the Fog

Maddie is a dog of routines. Routines that she herself has established. In fact, she has replaced some of our routines with her own. For example, I used to put my Saturday blog post up somewhere between 7:00 am and … Continue reading

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Walk with Intention

Note: This was originally posted on November 19th as part of Sreejit Poole’s inspiring series on walking with intention. If you have some time, I encourage you to read some of these stories.   When Sreejit Poole first suggested that … Continue reading

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That Wasn’t Fair

If we were having a beer, you would ask the bartender why one of the TVs was set to CNN instead of a football game. “The people at the end of the bar wanted to watch the news.” “But there’s … Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day 2015

I wrote this post in 2012. This blog was slightly over a year old but had collected fewer views in 14 months than it usually does in one month today. I am re-posting this for three reasons. 1) I like … Continue reading

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Would You Mind?

What to write on any given day for me is like what I imagine what to wear to a social gathering is to women. Social gatherings are easy for men. Casual – anything that doesn’t garner a “you’re not wearing … Continue reading

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