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Would You Mind?

What to write on any given day for me is like what I imagine what to wear to a social gathering is to women. Social gatherings are easy for men. Casual – anything that doesn’t garner a “you’re not wearing … Continue reading

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Avoiding Fly-By-Night Contractors

Last week I tried to explain why a good contractor has to charge the prices they charge. On the other hand, there are not-so-good contractors out there, too. Dealing with a bad contractor is best handled like dealing with the … Continue reading

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Behind the Quoted Price

I collected a few comments on my last post that hinted at the perceived high cost of professional trades-people. In general, people hate paying other people to do things. Whether it’s the plumber or the electrician or the guy doing … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–Thanking All Volunteers

It’s not much of a door, but it’s an important structure and it’s worth a few hundred words. That’s one of the entrances to the Windsor Locks Fire Department’s burger booth at their annual carnival. Volunteer fire department carnivals are … Continue reading

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Vacation Mode

A friend of mine at work recently left for a vacation that will see him without an Internet connection for a few days. We were discussing the fact that we thought that should be OK and then we started talking … Continue reading

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You Blog How Often?

Last week I found myself in the middle of an unplanned experiment. From Sunday to Saturday, I published a blog post every day. I didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, I liked what I wrote. I won’t push that … Continue reading

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My Worst Bit of Charity

My friend Joey, was talking about “giving” over at her blog. It’s a great post, maybe you read it. I say that because Joey and I collect ‘Likes’ from a lot of the same people. We travel in the same … Continue reading

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