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Dreams and Intersecting Phenomena

In early January, Sarcastic Muse Amanda Headlee wrote about getting inspiration from your dreams. It’s a great post, you can read it if you like, Ill wait. I left the following comment: “I get a lot of ideas from dreams. … Continue reading

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If We Were Having a Beer

I know, that’s supposed to be “if we were having coffee” but I’m still in the work-a-day world where coffee falls into three main categories: Get me up and outta-here Keep me focused on this pile of stuff Lord help … Continue reading

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Sixty Ain’t No Big Thing

Sixty had been coming for a long time, but along the way it went through a few transitions. Growing up in the ’60s, the thought of being sixty seemed impossible. We were convinced that if our parents didn’t blow the … Continue reading

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My Midway Experience

People are amazing. When necessary, we can be strong, supportive, calm and we can empower ourselves and others with a spirit of hope and confidence that can help weather the worst storms. We are resilient – equally capable of dealing … Continue reading

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Location Isn’t Everything

Back in the early ‘80s, I worked as a consultant for one of the then Big-8 accounting firms. Despite the fact that the Big-8 ultimately became the Big-6 and then the Final-4, working for one of those firms back then … Continue reading

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The Cafe Car is Open

Two weeks ago, I was traveling by train to Washington, DC. Windsor Locks, a.k.a. my home base, is only the second stop on the train that originates in Springfield, MA and the café car isn’t always in operation when I … Continue reading

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I Was the Remote

Earlier this week, I was having dinner with a few friends and we were talking about the differences between our children’s experiences and our own from childhood. I’ll apologize to my daughter as well as to the sons and daughters … Continue reading

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