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Good Limits Bad Limits and Word Limits

Speed limits – Good but we should build in some slack for people driving convertibles and people listening to country music. Credit limits – Good but consideration needs to be given to people who have recently broken up with a … Continue reading

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Bat, Bet, Bit, Bot, But

Once again, I am trying my hand head at the Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge. The title is this week’s prompt. Kind of random, but as you can see in the tag line, I like random. I decided to just … Continue reading

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Degrees and Degrees and…Degrees

This post is part of SoCS challenge. I don’t usually respond to prompts and I haven’t ever participated in a weekly challenge of any sort. I saw this on Sandy’s Jar, a blog that I follow but I was just … Continue reading

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Influence Redux

I started this blog three years ago this month with a post on influence that was inspired by some questionable “analysis” of my Klout score. That post attracted one lonely ‘Like’ (Thanks Marc) and the entire month of July 2011 … Continue reading

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I started off with the reverent title “For This I Give Thanks” but as soon as I started typing, I knew where this post was actually heading. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it seems like a good thing … Continue reading

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What’s in a (domain) Name?

If you’re a happily married guy in his 50’s and you’re employed as an executive of a department called “Information Services,” the conversation below is not one you want to have with your Systems Administrator. Me: “I’m having a problem … Continue reading

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Confusing the Algorithms and Following You

Well over a month ago, this blog was featured on Freshly Pressed. That was an unexpected honor, and has led to many new followers. I am still trying to work my way through the emails I’ve received about those followers … Continue reading

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