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If we were having a beer, you would waste very little time getting to the subject on your mind. “Cheryl, please pour me some wine and, unless he has resolved to give up alcohol, a Yuengling for my young friend.” … Continue reading

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The Other Side of I-80

A few weeks ago I wrote about being rescued in Omaha by my brother who was kind enough to drive 2 ½ hours to fetch me from a hastily arranged backup airport. The ride from Omaha, NE to Ames, IA, … Continue reading

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Could You Just Say What You Mean?

I want to start off by giving inspirational credit to a fellow blogger who goes by the name of shops4shoes (ooh, I just felt my wallet twitch in my pocket) over on a blog called “A Little Bit Brave.” I … Continue reading

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Not So nICE

The forecast included “black ice” warnings. The signs hanging from the highway overpasses said “slippery conditions possible.” We had just cleaned up after an ice storm and the overnight temperature was in the low teens but the driver of this … Continue reading

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No Turn On Red Unless You’re Special

A few weeks ago, I was stopped by one of our local policemen for going 47 miles an hour in a 25 mph zone. I seriously want to believe that he meant 37, because I drive on this street regularly and … Continue reading

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Two Men and a Truck…and a Car

When we were growing up, vacations were to two places and travel was of two types. My mother would load my brother, me and her parents into the car for a leisurely drive to a cabin on Lake Erie that … Continue reading

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