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Thursday Doors – Bushnell Park Carousel

The Bushnell Park Carousel is going to be 102 years old this year. It’s a wonderful piece of history and it seems that it’s almost a miracle that it stands today in Hartford’s preeminent park. The carousel isn’t a Hartford … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–Fuller Brush Building

Every now and then, traffic will force me off the highway north of Hartford in search of a “yes it’s slow but at least I’m moving” alternative route into the city. Just barely over the city line, a magnificent piece … Continue reading

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But It’s Hash Day

My blog buddy Dan lives on the west coast, but recently wrote about menu malfunctions in Poland, China and Mexico. He kinda-sorta implied that such things wouldn’t happen here in the good old USofA. He might be right. I don’t … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–Webster Memorial Building

I drive by this building a lot, and even before I was on the lookout for interesting doors, I liked this one. It’s on the corner of the street that my barber’s shop is on and it’s only a few … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–Big Plans, Sad Story

Society for Savings was the first mutual savings bank in the state of Connecticut. Incorporated in 1819, it operated in Hartford until it “merged” with Bank of Boston under the weight of a failed commercial real estate loan portfolio. Lots … Continue reading

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Urban Hike

Several weeks ago, I used the doors at the Riverside Park Boat House for my contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors series. In that post, I talked about how the Hartford Riverside Recapture agency has done a great job of bringing … Continue reading

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My Worst Bit of Charity

My friend Joey, was talking about “giving” over at her blog. It’s a great post, maybe you read it. I say that because Joey and I collect ‘Likes’ from a lot of the same people. We travel in the same … Continue reading

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