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Dribs and Drabs

This has been a strange autumn in Connecticut. (Note: now you know where I was headed yesterday before my 2014 post derailed my train of thought). We’ve had very cold days, very warm days, windy-rainy days, foggy days and clear … Continue reading

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Who Moved My Pie?

If we were having a beer, Cheryl would hand you the Specials Menu. You’d turn it over to look at the food side. “This sausage thing looks pretty good, but I don’t usually eat here. This guy takes his food … Continue reading

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End of Summer – Yay!

Don’t let the title fool you, I like summer. Leaving for work in the daylight, walking Maddie before most people are awake for her to bark at, ‘cuz they either said “oh she’s such a pretty dog” or they should … Continue reading

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I Saved the Easy Hike for You

I don’t consider myself to be a serious outdoorsman, but I am familiar with hiking, cycling and camping. I am relatively physically fit and I enjoy being outside. Still, when my daughter asked me if I wanted to go on … Continue reading

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The Spring Thing

Check it out. There’s a day in the forecast where the temperature is going to be over 80° f. It hasn’t been over 80 degrees here since October 15th! That’s over 6 months ago. Not only that, but it was … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Pearl St Garage

Pearl St. in Enfield, CT runs high above the Connecticut River in an area of town known as Thompsonville. This section of Enfield was once the proud home of the sprawling Hartford Carpet Company (later merged with and renamed Bigelow-Sanford) … Continue reading

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If We Were Having a Beer

The first thing I would tell you, if we were having a beer is the startling discovery I made earlier this week in our office. I don’t use the word “startling” lightly, I really do think this is right up … Continue reading

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