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5-Second Rules

M&M’s, Ritz Bits, Grapes, Twizzlers and Skittles are all subject to the standard 5-second rule. Drop it, and if you can pick it up, blow it off and eat it quickly enough, it’s not contaminated. Sure, you’d tell your kids … Continue reading

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Are You Going to Eat That

A little over a year ago I posted 8 Simple Rules at a Bar. I don’t have 8 more rules, but I have continued to make observations and I have some additional thoughts about what happens, what should happen and … Continue reading

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If we can’t kill email, can we please fix it

During the last year or so, I listened to several speakers at content management and social media conferences suggest that business email will soon be a technology of the past. Judging by my inbox, and recognizing that people are still … Continue reading

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Our Lame Imaginations

The night before I started writing this, I Sound Hounded “Kind and Generous” as it was playing in my favorite bar. I didn’t need the information, I am a Natalie Merchant fan, but I wanted to see how much things … Continue reading

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