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If We Were Having a Beer

You would take a sip of whatever you’re drinking, look over at me and say “how many friends of a different race did your parents have?” “Whaaa?” “Seriously, that was one of the questions some bonehead in Seattle wanted your … Continue reading

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By Way of Introduction

I have been working my way through the DVD collection of Star Trek Next Generation (STNG). As I near the end of the series, I have been planning to write a couple of posts that are inspired by Star Trek, … Continue reading

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If Wishes Were ???

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a long time. The original title was “If Wishes Were Fishes” because that rhymes. That is a common saying, but it wasn’t the nursery rhyme I was thinking of: If … Continue reading

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Yo Greta

Before leaving on our road trip to Pittsburgh, I had to buy a new GPS. I’ve had a GPS since they just barely became affordable, so this is the third incarnation of Greta. I named her Greta after Greta Garbo. … Continue reading

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A Failure to Communicate

I am a Star Trek fan. I love the series and like many Star Trek fans, I prefer Star Trek Next Generation over all the various incarnations of the show. A friend and I once drove to NY for a … Continue reading

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Every Mug has a Message

Coffee – I don’t remember the last day that started without a cup of coffee. I’m sure that I was sick, and that I substituted a cup of tea, but I really don’t remember. I can be pretty sick and … Continue reading

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Voyager Me and Rock and Roll

A few days ago, I read an article on Scientific American’s web site that was talking about the unexpected decade of service NASA has gotten from the Opportunity Rover which is still running around the surface of Mars. While this … Continue reading

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