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The Internet of Snarky Things

One of the popular tech-trends today is The Internet of Things or IoT, because what’s a bit of popular culture without a quirky looking acronym. The concept, which apparently has been around for longer than I knew, is one that … Continue reading

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You Just Crossed the Line

Business leaders need to repeat the following statement 10 times each morning: “Just because we can do something doesn’t mean that we should” 10 times a day, every single day until it is burned into their psyche like a cattle … Continue reading

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Make Sure You Pay the Octroi

Octroi is my word of the week. I’m liking it because it allowed me to beat a friend at Words With Friends who had been enjoying an extended winning streak. As I write this, Microsoft Word is telling me (via … Continue reading

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A Curious Relationship with Change

I was watching some show on Discovery or Science or one of those channels the other night when a guy said that “chemistry is the science of change.” Really? That got me thinking about a couple of things. First, do … Continue reading

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It’s not my fault

Since I’ve spent my entire career plying the waters of computers and related technology, I get tagged with all of its failures. When my wife points to the pile of paper she has to shred because “your technology” helps one … Continue reading

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When Do I Get Watson?

Since I’ve always been a geek, I got excited a couple of years ago when IBM’s Watson beat the two best human Jeopardy players on the planet. Of course, when I watched the “behind the scenes” show, I realized that … Continue reading

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My New Calendar

One of the gifts we always exchange at Christmas is calendars. Two staples in our house are an Irish Setter calendar and a Tuxedo Cat calendar. In addition to that are page-a-day calendars featuring Dilbert, Pearls Before Swine and, of … Continue reading

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