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Too Much Nothing

Earlier this week, I was searching for a clip of the song that Sam sang in Casablanca. No, not that song, not the “play it” song, but the other one. The upbeat one with the verse: “Who’s got nothin? “We … Continue reading

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Bookshelf Tag (no tags)

A couple of weeks ago Evelyne Holingue introduced me to the Bookshelf Tag in her wonderful French/English blog. She didn’t tag me, but I love books and I thought that I could have fun with this. Of course, I was … Continue reading

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The Internet of Snarky Things

One of the popular tech-trends today is The Internet of Things or IoT, because what’s a bit of popular culture without a quirky looking acronym. The concept, which apparently has been around for longer than I knew, is one that … Continue reading

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Caution – Ramp People Inside

For the past two weeks, I’ve been installing a railing system on the front porch and my work, and the pictures I’ve been sharing have rekindled the questions about the ramp. “Why did you build a ramp?” “Did something happen … Continue reading

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When Do I Get Watson?

Since I’ve always been a geek, I got excited a couple of years ago when IBM’s Watson beat the two best human Jeopardy players on the planet. Of course, when I watched the “behind the scenes” show, I realized that … Continue reading

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No Mystery – I am a Fan of the Twilight Zone

The WordPress prompt today was A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma and it gives me the perfect opportunity to say a few words about my favorite TV show of all time. Yes, to those who know me well, I would … Continue reading

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