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Notes from a Snow Day

Remember when you were a kid and schools would be closed because of snow? Wasn’t that one of the best feelings ever? Snow days in the work-a-day world aren’t quite so much fun, but it’s still nice not to have … Continue reading

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And the Winner Is…

A few days ago, I shared the 11th through 20th most interesting photos of all time from my Flickr site. As promised, in this post, I will reveal interesting photos 1 – 10. Ta Da. Of course, the real reason … Continue reading

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These Are a Few Of My…(pt.-1)

Over the course of the past 16 months, my daughter and I attempted a Photo365 project to commemorate her 30th year and my 60th. Unfortunately, many of her photos were lost when her iPhone took an unexpected bath. I did … Continue reading

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Hit the Road Winter

Last week, my wife saw a Robin in our yard. I think it was part of the advance team that came up to check things out. I’m sure he sent a text message back to the rest of the flock … Continue reading

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We Wouldn’t Want Me to Get Over-Confident

Clearing today’s snowfall took a little longer than it should have, so I don’t think I’ll finish that Christmas post I’ve been working on. Then again, you might enjoy a little humor at my expense, so I’ll share the reason … Continue reading

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Ready for Winter

I’m not sure if that’s a statement of confidence, a rhetorical question or a reminder that I should have actually put together that checklist I keep talking about. You know, the one that includes: Clean gutters Make room for cars … Continue reading

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