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Too Much Nothing

Earlier this week, I was searching for a clip of the song that Sam sang in Casablanca. No, not that song, not the “play it” song, but the other one. The upbeat one with the verse: “Who’s got nothin? “We … Continue reading

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Remembering the Orchid Grower

Before I started this blog and before my daughter started The Sound of Swarming, we managed and wrote a lot of material for a blog that focused on lifelong learning. I’ve been trolling through those posts and pulling out some … Continue reading

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Resawn Tote

Back in May I wrote about purchasing a new band saw for my shop. The primary reason for selecting this particular saw was its resaw capacity. Resawing, in case you don’t want to revisit that post, is the process of … Continue reading

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One-Man Shop

30 years ago my wife and I were in Sears buying a globe for a hanging lamp I had made. While there, I was drooling over the power tools. Craftsman isn’t my first choice for power tools these days, but … Continue reading

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Hit the Road Winter

Last week, my wife saw a Robin in our yard. I think it was part of the advance team that came up to check things out. I’m sure he sent a text message back to the rest of the flock … Continue reading

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Caution I Brake for Toffee

One of the secretaries in our office used to have a candy dish on her desk. She kept it filled with whatever kind of candy people felt like donating, or candy that she would buy with the money people were … Continue reading

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One Man’s Scrap Is Our Next Few Projects

About ten years ago, I made an uncharacteristic decision. I decided to get rid of all of the lumber that I had stored in my workshop. I made some furniture out of the biggest pile, and I started working my … Continue reading

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