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Thursday Doors – All Work and No Play

Thursdays are usually a work day for me. Sometimes, I will take a Friday off, but four-day weekends are less frequent than the three-day variety. Most of the time, I am among the first people to arrive at our office. … Continue reading

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Two by Two

I love most “there are two types of people” jokes. You can search the web for list after list of these. I would give you some links but joke lists have a tendency to go south. They either add annoying … Continue reading

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Weird Happy Proud

See that beautiful young woman at the right? That’s my daughter. I usually say our daughter, since my wife had a significant role in the process, but on that day, at that moment, she was my daughter. She’s about to … Continue reading

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I Am Pittsburgh

A blogger friend of mine recently wrote an article reflecting on A Sense of Place. I commented that despite having moved away from Pittsburgh, PA after college and having lived on both coasts between then and now, I still feel … Continue reading

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26 Years and Counting

Suddenly, my LinkedIn inbox is overflowing. Congratulations! Congrats! Bob has sent you a message: “26 years. Way to go Dan. Congratulations!” “Wow, 26 years!” Yes, yes I’ve been working for the same company for 26 years. That’s longer than I’ve … Continue reading

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I was Bored

Throughout my entire life, I have been a doodler. I have doodled on almost every piece of paper I’ve ever been given. If I have paper, a writing instrument and 30 seconds of boredom, I will draw something. I think … Continue reading

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Just No Pleasing Me

I have worked construction in the winter and I have worked on a farm in the summer. I understand the reality of a real-world workplace and I always thought that having an “office job” would be better. I’ll leave the … Continue reading

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