If We Spoke Like CL&P

The following are all adaptations of statements in news conferences, articles, text messages and web-based responses to the power outage that followed Storm Alfred by CT’s largest electric utility.

Our goal is to pay 99% of our bills on time. This does not mean that your bill will be paid on time. Your bill may be paid before it is due or it may be paid after the due date. We are doing everything we can to expedite the paying of our bills.

We have asked some of our out-of-state relatives to help us pay our bills this month. They have promised to help by sending us any money that is left over after they help other relatives in other states. We are disappointed in the response by our relatives. Some say it’s because we never repaid them the previous loans they have made, but they should understand that we fully intend to pay them.

Please understand that the electric bill we haven’t paid is much larger than we expected it to be. We knew the bill was coming, and we were here while all the electricity was being used, and my wife said “we sure are using a lot of electricity” but we still never expected that the bill would be this high.

We are currently assessing the status of all the bills we have received, along with that of our bank account.

We have deployed all of the funds that are available to us for paying bills.

We are aware of unpaid bills from your company. At this time, estimates as to when your bill will be paid are not available.

Non-payments are currently affecting 35 vendor(s) that service this household. We are working to pay these bills safely and quickly. Thank you for your patience.

This month’s electric bill is the largest such bill to arrive at this household since the 1600’s. This is unprecedented and we are doing everything we can to deal with this situation.

We are confident that we normally have the right amount of funds on hand to handle our monthly bills. To always have more funds available to pay bills would mean that those funds would often be idle, when they could be doing things like taking us on vacation, buying meals at restaurants and buying new clothes. However, we do need to do a better job of finding people to help us pay our bills when, as in this case, the amount of the bill is totally unexpected.

Please take a look at this video on our YouTube site that illustrates how hard it is for us to pay our monthly bills.

There are no reported unpaid bills for your company at this time. If other customers in our area have paid their bills, but we have not, please send a text with UNPAID and we will do our best to restore payment to your bill.

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