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They’re Not Just Tools – They’re Connections

When my daughter saw that picture on my Flickr site, she asked in a comment “That’s your square, right?” I am well aware of the private message in that question. You see, the two combination squares I gave her for … Continue reading

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Just a Quick Note to Email Followers

I know that a lot of people follow this blog by email, and I truly appreciate that. It does mean that you miss the “experience” of seeing the blog page. OK, it’s not much of an experience. There are no … Continue reading

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Ruining the Retail Experience

The theory of Six Degrees of Separation suggests that everything and everyone can be connected within six or fewer steps. You know a guy, who knows a guy, and so on, who knows me. The theory is supposed illustrate how … Continue reading

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A Tunxis Grill Moment – Well 60 of Them

My father didn’t drink, but he tended bar at Dempsher’s Bar & Grill in Bridgeville, PA for many years. Dempsher’s was the kind of place that you could drop into for a quick beer, an evening meal or to watch … Continue reading

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Redefining Impossible

So, apparently I am at that age that when one starts thinking about someone from one’s distant past, chance are good that they have died. I was going through my notes for this post and I was pretty sure that … Continue reading

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Up is a Hard Trend to Continue

If you had your choice, would you try to go from bad to good, keep something that is good from becoming bad or make something that is good way better? Be careful how you choose, you may be setting yourself … Continue reading

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No Mystery – I am a Fan of the Twilight Zone

The WordPress prompt today was A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma and it gives me the perfect opportunity to say a few words about my favorite TV show of all time. Yes, to those who know me well, I would … Continue reading

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