Just a Quick Note to Email Followers

clip_image002I know that a lot of people follow this blog by email, and I truly appreciate that. It does mean that you miss the “experience” of seeing the blog page. OK, it’s not much of an experience. There are no ads, so you aren’t costing me click-through revenue and I’m not selling anything so where you read the post doesn’t matter. Well, that’s not quite true.

Someone asked me today if I am on Twitter. I am, and the link to follow me is on the blog page sidebar. Of course you don’t see that from the email. You also don’t get to see the description of the picture. Each week, I add a paragraph in the sidebar to describe the photos. Actually, the recent pictures from my Flickr timeline are also on the sidebar. If all of this is no big loss to you, I’m fine if you read the post from the email. If you want to know more, see pictures or read comments, click on the title and visit the blog. If you want to follow me on Twitter, it’s http://twitter.com/DAntion If you want to follow No Facilities on Facebook, you can connect at http://facebook.com/noFacilities If you visit the Facebook page, you do get a little bit more content. Sometimes, I share some additional photos there, and sometimes a little bit of the back story behind the post. For example, I was asked about the story behind Ruining the Retail Experience and I gave a short description of the two failed purchases over there.

Wherever you read this blog, I thank you. Rest assured that I have nothing to sell and no plans to advertise anyone’s products on the blog or on Facebook. I can’t be responsible for Facebook’s plans, but I did pay for the “no ads” version of WordPress so I am doing what I can.


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  1. Picture – That’s the steel coaster at Lake Compounce. Our company outing was held at the park on Friday. After a BBQ lunch and a couple of beers, I decided to experience that ride from the ground. Thank you for experiencing No Facilities.


  2. Good post, Dan! I was talking with my best friend about this problem just the other day — how it’s great to have email followers, but if they read the whole post there and never click through to the site, you won’t see their “patronage” reflected in your page views. That’s one reason that I link to the same post several times, using different wording each time. I probably should do my own post like this!


    1. It’s hard to tell if it has been effective, but I am trying to mix it up a bit between the blog post, the blog site and Facebook. I’m not sure if it’s the way it is for everyone, or just the way it is for me since I use gMail, but most of the text formating is lost in email (and in the mobile view, whihc bothers me).

      You do a good job chnaging the wording on Twitter, sometimes I fond myself clicking through to the same post more than once :)


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