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Go Where the Current Takes Us

I didn’t imagine that I would be returning to the topic of rivers so soon, but family and friends and the calendar have combined to nudge my brain to the point where I can’t think of anything else to write … Continue reading

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My Encounters with Organized Labor

The first time I came face to face with the strength of organized labor was in the parking lot of Small Arms Manufacturing, a machine shop that made gun barrels near Pittsburgh. The night before, I had worked my first … Continue reading

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What’s in a (domain) Name?

If you’re a happily married guy in his 50’s and you’re employed as an executive of a department called “Information Services,” the conversation below is not one you want to have with your Systems Administrator. Me: “I’m having a problem … Continue reading

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Reaching Up from the Shoulders of an Expert

A few days ago over in the great blog A Northeast Ohio Garden, the gardener wrote about needing to learn to use a camera. I had written earlier about learning more about my camera while on a photo shoot with … Continue reading

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Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

It’s an old saying, made famous by those two mechanics in the Fram Oil Filter commercial, but a lot of the decisions we face come down to answering the title question. This past week I have had discussions about programming … Continue reading

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When Do I Get Watson?

Since I’ve always been a geek, I got excited a couple of years ago when IBM’s Watson beat the two best human Jeopardy players on the planet. Of course, when I watched the “behind the scenes” show, I realized that … Continue reading

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Yeah, Yeah, the Better Team Wins

Throughout the 1960 baseball season, but especially during the World Series between the Pirates and the Yankees, I would be summoned to crawl into my father’s lap each time Smoky Burgess stepped up to bat. The working theory was that … Continue reading

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