What’s in a (domain) Name?

If you’re a happily married guy in his 50’s and you’re employed as an executive of a department called “Information Services,” the conversation below is not one you want to have with your Systems Administrator.

Me: “I’m having a problem posting a comment to a blog. I can read the blog. I can ‘like’ the blog but my comments are being blocked by our Web filter.”

Sysad: “Are you having trouble posting to blogs in general or just this one?

Me: “Just this one. I can comment on other WordPress blogs and blogs on other platforms as well.

SysAd: “Have you posted comments to this particular blog before?

Me: “Yes, several times.”

Sysad: “OK, what’s the URL of the blog?

Me: http://pittsburghmommyblog.com/


Me: “Stop laughing!

Actually, the SysAd in this case is our IT Manager, and he’s a great guy and he really wasn’t making too much fun of me. Still, I suspect the story will be shared at a bar at some point in the future.clip_image002

I started following this particular ‘mommy’ blog (I also follow SharePointMommy and SharePoint Mom) for the Pittsburgh connection, but I stayed because of the content. If you want to know about cool things to do, with and in some cases without kids, this is a great blog to follow. I am keeping a list of a few attractions that I will be sure to check out the next time I visit my hometown. The blog is also a great example of the ways in which you can expand the influence and reach of a blog, but you have to glean that information from the experience, it isn’t blatantly explained.

Domain names, Twitter handles, Facebook page names almost never matter to me. I say almost, because there are a couple of Facebook pages that I don’t “Like” because the page names themselves are offensive. I don’t need my browsing experience to be rated PG, but I recognize that I share stuff with friends who have young children, and I don’t need to give them any grief.

Speaking of Facebook pages, I recently set up one for this blog, where I share additional articles and photos related to some of the posts.

6 thoughts on “What’s in a (domain) Name?

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Dan! You have been such a supportive influence for me as a new blogger and I really appreciate that :) Let us know next time you make it to Pittsburgh. I’d love to meet you in person and perhaps show you and your family a favorite sight or two of mine :)


      1. Thanks Dan! I would love to meet you one day. And take you to some favorite spots. AND cook you my favorite meals. AND meet your wonderful wife who I seem to have some similarities with!! Time’s a tickin’


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