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Avoiding Glancing Blows

“…Switchman sleepin Train hundred and two is on the wrong track and headed for you” (Grateful Dead) It would be pretty close to impossible to sustain a glancing blow from a train – the rails kinda keep collisions in a … Continue reading

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Mailbox 100 – InBox 0

For the sake of the self-imposed-much-ignored-and-barely-meaningful word ‘Transparency,’ I am a lifetime fan of the Post Office. The Post Office provided food and shelter (my father was a mailman) and put me through college (I was an “89-Day Wonder several … Continue reading

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Make Mine Rose-Colored Please

Several months ago, I was explaining the Twitter conversation shown at the right to my wife. When I told her that Marc chose rose-colored, she gave me that “he’s one of you” look. I have always seen the world through … Continue reading

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The Temporary Relocation of a Travel Wimp

I recently returned from my first trip overseas. That may surprise a number of people who know me and who know how much I’ve traveled, but up until now the four corners of North America have sufficed. In addition to … Continue reading

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What’ll it be Hon?

A few weeks ago I was with another man in the courtesy shuttle of the dealership where we had left our cars for repairs. He asked to be dropped off “on Main St, near Pratt.” The shuttle driver instantly asked … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Saying No

Recently, my wife and I have been watching DVDs of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I really liked that show when it was on; it was funny and the characters seemed like the kind of people you might actually meet. … Continue reading

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