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Glad I Kept That

My daughter will not like this post. My niece will not like this post but my brother will understand. I keep too much stuff. I always have, but it’s not a habit I developed independently. My father kept way too … Continue reading

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It’s not my fault

Since I’ve spent my entire career plying the waters of computers and related technology, I get tagged with all of its failures. When my wife points to the pile of paper she has to shred because “your technology” helps one … Continue reading

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Caution – Ramp People Inside

For the past two weeks, I’ve been installing a railing system on the front porch and my work, and the pictures I’ve been sharing have rekindled the questions about the ramp. “Why did you build a ramp?” “Did something happen … Continue reading

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One Man’s Scrap Is Our Next Few Projects

About ten years ago, I made an uncharacteristic decision. I decided to get rid of all of the lumber that I had stored in my workshop. I made some furniture out of the biggest pile, and I started working my … Continue reading

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Square Pegs – Rounds Holes

Do-it-yourself and… Save? Be filled with a sense of pride? Achieve results that you want? It’s hard to say why people choose the D-I-Y route. I have used all of the above reasons as ways to justify taking on a … Continue reading

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This Old Village

Thanks to a Father’s Day gift from our daughter Faith, I got to see one of my heroes live. Faith contributed to the Saw Mill Restoration project at Old Sturbridge Village in nearby Sturbridge, MA, and she gave enough to … Continue reading

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Not Singing the Zone 3 Blues

Zone 3, on Delta flights is the last to board but make no mistake; it’s nowhere near the third group of people boarding the plane. People boarding ahead of Zone 3 include people in wheel chairs, people with babies, people … Continue reading

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