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We Are Experts

A lot of tweets start with the phrase “that feeling…” You know, “that feeling when you see your keys on the seat of the now locked car” or “that feeling when you realize you’re talking to the person who wrote … Continue reading

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Last 840 Minute Gift Idea

If you are ever looking for a last minute gift idea, do not; I repeat do NOT ask me or our daughter Faith. If you ask us, you might get suggestions like “well, your wife always wanted a sun room, … Continue reading

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Make Sure You Pay the Octroi

Octroi is my word of the week. I’m liking it because it allowed me to beat a friend at Words With Friends who had been enjoying an extended winning streak. As I write this, Microsoft Word is telling me (via … Continue reading

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Your Move Sita–My Special Christmas

I’m not sure exactly how old I was, somewhere in that awkward adolescent period, when I received a Christmas gift that became more special over time. The gift came quietly. After we had unwrapped our gifts and settled into cookies … Continue reading

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We Wouldn’t Want Me to Get Over-Confident

Clearing today’s snowfall took a little longer than it should have, so I don’t think I’ll finish that Christmas post I’ve been working on. Then again, you might enjoy a little humor at my expense, so I’ll share the reason … Continue reading

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Not So nICE

The forecast included “black ice” warnings. The signs hanging from the highway overpasses said “slippery conditions possible.” We had just cleaned up after an ice storm and the overnight temperature was in the low teens but the driver of this … Continue reading

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A Curious Relationship with Change

I was watching some show on Discovery or Science or one of those channels the other night when a guy said that “chemistry is the science of change.” Really? That got me thinking about a couple of things. First, do … Continue reading

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