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I was Bored

Throughout my entire life, I have been a doodler. I have doodled on almost every piece of paper I’ve ever been given. If I have paper, a writing instrument and 30 seconds of boredom, I will draw something. I think … Continue reading

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Basic Math or Calculus or Something Else?

On my way into work last Friday, I heard an NPR report on the (then) upcoming address by President Obama about the changes he would make over at the NSA. I don’t usually like reports like this because I tire … Continue reading

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Friend or Fan First?

In case you weren’t watching, the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots on Sunday to win the AFC Championship. Yes, Peyton Manning beat Tom Brady. The Patriots lost. The Broncos are going to the Super Bowl. I live in … Continue reading

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Just No Pleasing Me

I have worked construction in the winter and I have worked on a farm in the summer. I understand the reality of a real-world workplace and I always thought that having an “office job” would be better. I’ll leave the … Continue reading

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Rocket Science

Earlier this week one of my friends shared something on Facebook from Mental Floss. Those guys usually post interesting, albeit obscure or forgotten information, but I like weird stuff so I pay attention. This time, it was one of those … Continue reading

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Quit While You’re Ahead

Back in the mid-90’s we had a mandatory, all-day company-wide meeting on the subject of having better meetings (we really did, you can’t make this stuff up). One of the things that the facilitator mentioned as a “best practice” (I … Continue reading

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I Could Have Been On the News

The problem with stopping for take-out on a Monday afternoon is there is nothing to watch on the multiple large screen TVs in the bar. Sure, there are several sports analysis shows on but there’s no sound so those are … Continue reading

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