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The Internet of Snarky Things

One of the popular tech-trends today is The Internet of Things or IoT, because what’s a bit of popular culture without a quirky looking acronym. The concept, which apparently has been around for longer than I knew, is one that … Continue reading

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When Did Crude Become Mainstream?

Ooh, you used the F-word in your Facebook post. Yes, you got my attention, but by the look and the sound of things, you won’t be getting much more of my attention. People are wiring the F-word into the written … Continue reading

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I Stink at Fast Forward

One of the things that I have really been excited about recently is the return of Cosmos. I’ll reserve judgment of the series, the scientist and the topics until it’s made a run through its first season, so this post … Continue reading

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Car Repairs and Advice for Job Seekers

Over the weekend, my daughter’s car threw a bit of a tantrum. A little bit of noise, a little bit of fluid dispersal and a trip to the dealer on the back of a flatbed. Never a good thing, but … Continue reading

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Life and Taxes

It’s that time of year again, at least in the US, the time when taxes are due. Actually, they are due all year long, but this is the time when we prepare the annual filing. The great reconciliation. In other … Continue reading

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Not Enough Buttons

Facebook has gone to a lot of trouble to add “Like” as part of their brand. Apparently, they are still fighting about it in court. I guess they don’t own the word, just the button but even there, I think … Continue reading

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Hit the Road Winter

Last week, my wife saw a Robin in our yard. I think it was part of the advance team that came up to check things out. I’m sure he sent a text message back to the rest of the flock … Continue reading

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