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Cry Baby

Apparently blog ideas come in pairs, or in threes, or perhaps in waves, but the flight to Orlando that inspired last week’s post also included a baby. Babies are great. I love babies and I love seeing people with babies … Continue reading

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Gone at Last – Gone Forever

Once in a while from out of nowhere When you don’t expect it, and you’re unprepared Somebody will come and lift you higher And your burdens will be shared That’s the first half of the last verse of “Gone At … Continue reading

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When Smite Might be an Option

“Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt” It’s pretty hard to figure out who said that, or who said it first. According to some, it was God. Hey, I’m as big … Continue reading

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Are You Going to Eat That

A little over a year ago I posted 8 Simple Rules at a Bar. I don’t have 8 more rules, but I have continued to make observations and I have some additional thoughts about what happens, what should happen and … Continue reading

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Form v Function

If you ever want to study the form vs. function debate, pick up a copy of the Sunday New York Times when it includes the NY Times Style Magazine. The pictures range from rooms that shout about comfort to those … Continue reading

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People are Strange but We Can Fix That

Jim Morrison singing: “people are strange when you’re a stranger” always seemed like a “who’s calling who strange?” moment. He was a strange dude but the song is pretty accurate. Nothing is worse than being a stranger. I’ve travelled a … Continue reading

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Allow Me to Explain…or Not

I few months ago a Facebook friend of mine posted something offensive. Not the bad language thing, but the stupid kind of offensive. Let’s just say that I’m pretty sure anybody who enjoys this blog would not enjoy that post. … Continue reading

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