Must Visit Top 5 Waterfalls Near Mumbai

Waterfalls and Canals – Pt-1

One of the best things that has happened this year in terms of blogging was having been invited to join a small group of people to share ideas, encouragement and advice. I think that I am truly the lucky member of this bunch because I think I am the only one who isn’t working as a writer. I am in some impressive company and I will be sharing some of their work during the remainder of the summer as a way of mixing it up a bit.

Back in May, I had an idea for two or more of us to try to write complimentary posts. I decided that I was going to start by attempting to write a travel post like one written by Sharukh Bamboat titled “Must Visit Top 5 Waterfalls Near Mumbai.” Sharukh has several other travel posts, but I am particularly fond of waterfalls. I will be following this in a day or two with a post about a local Connecticut water attraction. I hope you enjoy Sharrukh’s post.

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Waterfalls Near Mumbai Waterfalls Near Mumbai

Tired after a long week of hectic work and stress? Well, monsoons have finally touched Mumbai and this time the clouds have been more merciful than before raining more than what we normally expect. While rains lead to flood and traffic jam problems during the weekdays it also offers a better way to relax and get back into action on weekends. Many Mumbaikars feel the need to just take a break from their hectic schedule and drive away not too far from the city into a place that can offer them lush greenery and icy cool waterfall where they can enjoy and have some great time with their family and friends. Here we take a look at the top 5 waterfalls near Mumbai that offer the best way to enjoy our weekend.

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      1. Thats sounds terrific. I never been to India before. Here in Malaysia we have several places in diffrent states that will has a waterfall. Quite pretty actually. Just the water is ice cold at times. Yikes!


      1. Connecticut is one of about 10 states I have yet to visit, so I will be interested in whatever you post!

        PS I started reading Neil Young’s book last night and I LOVE IT; I can’t put it down. It will be awhile before I get a post (or 3) written because he filters through a lot of my adult life and many memories are being triggered, so I’ll struggle to get it organized and written. I don’t know you at all, but from your blog, I think you will like it – if for no other reason than he’s a train afficionado and actually works with Lionel on some things I don’t understand, but you will :-) He also invents or works with entrepreneurs on other projects and laments the loss of “sound” in music because it’s changed from analog to MP3, etc – again, you’ll understand it better than I. He’s writing this like a free form, stream of consciousness -perhaps that’s what some readers don’t like – but I find it one giant, eclectic blog, and am having no trouble following his thoughts (probably because he and I are both recovered addicts!!). But he is funny – he throws in these chuckles when you least expect ’em. If you’re a Neil fan, drop the $20 for the book; I really think you’ll like it. If not, I’ll owe ya one!


  1. Thank you Dan for reblogging my post. I also thank all the readers here that visited my blog and liked it. I guess most readers appreciate my blog because I infuse lot of honesty in it. I am not here to sell holiday packages or bus ticket. My travel blog is straight to the point destination information. One of the reasons why I started this blog is to offer international visitors better information because I see them being cheated as they don’t understand the local language and are not sure where to go. Apart from that I also give local readers some information on other interior locations that are not commonly known.


    1. This was a fun project Sharukh and I really enjoy your destination blog posts, so it was an easy choice. I would search out something like this any time I travel. I think you’re doing a great service for prospective tourists.


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