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Who Figured that Out?

Early last year, I sent a few family members an article about the work that was being done in Pittsburgh to clean Kaufman’s Clock. My daughter asked a somewhat technical question about the sandblasting technique the workers were using and … Continue reading

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What Women Know

Earlier this week, a friend and I had what might qualify as an exchange of serendipity. She (Amy) wrote a blog post about change on a day that I was frustrated with the amount of change and particularly the pace … Continue reading

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The Cafe Car is Open

Two weeks ago, I was traveling by train to Washington, DC. Windsor Locks, a.k.a. my home base, is only the second stop on the train that originates in Springfield, MA and the café car isn’t always in operation when I … Continue reading

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On a grey day – a bit of colour

Originally posted on Ipswich Waterfront Blog:
It has been a very grey day today. Started out with heavy rain and thunderstorms – most unlike the last few weeks. The day was brightened up by the arrival of The Schooner Trinovante.…

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Bookshelf Tag (no tags)

A couple of weeks ago Evelyne Holingue introduced me to the Bookshelf Tag in her wonderful French/English blog. She didn’t tag me, but I love books and I thought that I could have fun with this. Of course, I was … Continue reading

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A Walk Among the Monuments

I spent most of the past week in Washington, DC. I’ve been to Washington several times, but my trips have always been of the in-business-out variety, including prescription nightlife. This time, I had a couple of hours to do some … Continue reading

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I Was the Remote

Earlier this week, I was having dinner with a few friends and we were talking about the differences between our children’s experiences and our own from childhood. I’ll apologize to my daughter as well as to the sons and daughters … Continue reading

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