Shocking Surrealistic Snow Storm Shots (13 iPad Images)

I know that a lot of you already follow Amy. Normally, she is sharing beautiful photographs and equally beautiful words. These past few days, she has been sharing photos from her home near Buffalo, NY where they have been hit with the worst snow storm in the area’s history. The pictures are stunning, but there’s a slight fee – Amy is asking for kind thoughts and prayers for the people affected by this unprecedented storm. I know that she has mine.

Petals Unfolding

This is my third and final post of the day. The snow has finally stopped coming down, to which I think now the total snow fall in Lancaster, NY is a whopping 90″. You know, I write these numbers and it just is not going into my head, that we really have this much snow on the ground, falling in a matter of 3 days. Now that I have seen what I have, I can honestly say nothing is impossible!

I do not know where this storm is going. The “experts” say that the winds will pick up tomorrow, making visibility near zero. They also said we were in for an additional 2-3 feet of snow, which turned out to be only a few inches. I don’t think anyone knows quite what to expect. The last I heard, the officials want this area declared a National Disaster Area, and I…

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Good Limits Bad Limits and Word Limits

Speed limits – Good but we should build in some slack for people driving convertibles and people listening to country music. Credit limits – Good but consideration needs to be given to people who have recently broken up with a girl/boyfriend and need some self-indulgent shopping. Coverage limits – Good for insurance companies. Term limits... Continue Reading →

‘Up at the Legion’

I’ve already passed this onto a few people so I thought I might as well just reblog it. I know that Sammy and I have a lot of overlap in our readers, but I really enjoyed this post and it’s a timely read.


Today, November 10, 2014 we celebrate the United States Marine Corps’ 239th birthday.

Tomorrow is Veterans’ Day when the United States honors all who have served in the US Armed Forces.

Below is a photo of my grandmother who bore twelve children, eleven of whom lived to adulthood and some of whom she watched with her steadfast fortitude and optimism as they left town on their way to distant battlefields.

Grandma and Marine Recruiter Grandma and Marine Recruiter

During World War II, four sons enlisted in the Marines and were deployed to the Pacific Islands while one daughter enlisted and was stationed as a Marine recruiter in Chicago. Grandma also had two sons-in-law deployed in the Marines and Air Force, and a younger son who later joined the Marines.

Aunt Dot, Dad, Uncle Chuck, Uncle Art, Uncle Pep, Uncle Walt Aunt Dot, Dad, Uncle Chuck, Uncle Art, Uncle Pep, Uncle Walt

During her sons’ deployments, Grandma – along with so many other women on the…

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