Bat, Bet, Bit, Bot, But

imageOnce again, I am trying my hand head at the Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge. The title is this week’s prompt. Kind of random, but as you can see in the tag line, I like random. I decided to just think about all of these.

Bat – Bats have been in the news in recent years around New England because of the white nose syndrome that has been killing lots of them. I’ve always liked bats, and it turns out that bats are pretty good for us, in that they eat a gijillion bugs each night. Bat droppings (Guano) is also good for us. Guano is a good fertilizer. You know you’re good for things when people give an official nice sounding name to your excrement. On the less nice side of Guano is an expression I have heard recently: Batsh*t-crazy. Think about that. It doesn’t really make any sense, but there’s no doubt as to how crazy someone is if they’re batsh*t-crazy. Guano-crazy just wouldn’t work.

My favorite bat story stars a woman that worked for me a long time ago and a coworker of hers who made a suggestive comment to her. She complained. The complaint went through the normal process. Misunderstandings were acknowledged and apologies were offered. The woman was a Met’s fan. There aren’t many of those around here, so a few weeks later, when I was in New York, I bought her a souvenir Met’s mini-bat. Her male coworker came to work with her at her desk, and he asked about the bat, which she had laying on her keyboard. Without a moment’s hesitation, she said:

Dan bought it for me. He says I can hit you with it if you bother me again.”

Bet – I don’t bet on my favorite teams. I don’t bet on them because when I do, they lose. That might sound like a paradox, but it’s true. I know because every now and then I get stupid and take a bet. My boss offered to bet me beers for several people on the outcome of the 3-game series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the NY Yankees. I took the bet and the Yankees won 2 out of 3. My boss actually offered me the chance to go double or nothing in game three but I turned him down because they always lose if I bet on them. Come to think of it, I still owe him those beers.

I remember being angry once with my father for betting against Pittsburgh Steelers. I asked him why he would bet against our team and he said “they’re going to lose. If you want to win money, you bet with your head not your heart.” When he realized I wasn’t getting it, he just told me not to bet on sports.

Bit – I love “bit” I use it a lot. “Little bit(s)” is an expression I like to use to imagedescribe, well little bits of stuff. I searched my blog and at least 10 posts include the phrase “little bit” my favorite it this one about doodling. Doodling is a kind of stream of consciousness activity, so I think it fits here.

Bot – Bots are bad, at least in my work-a-day life. Bots are associated with botnets and malware and phishing schemes and evil ne’er-do-wells like Boris and Natasha. I have a friend who uses Boris as his twitter avatar and his wife uses Natasha. There’s a story about one of them working for a guy they called Fearless Leader but, as Boris would say, “Don’t be a blabbermouth you blabbermouth.”

But – I wasn’t going to talk about but. I mean, what can you say about but? But, I can say that I have recently learned that you can begin a sentence with but. I just did. I never knew if it was grammatically OK to begin a sentence with but, or, or and, but it is. The amazing this is that I looked this up one day and I found the website quick and dirty which is or is somehow associated with the persona ‘Grammar Girl’. I figure that Grammar Girl knows more about grammar than I do, who doesn’t? And, if she says I can do something then I can do it without fear.

Note: The SoCS challenge has created a bit of a backlog in the No Facilities schedule. Yes, there is a schedule. I’d like you opinion on how to proceed.

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  1. When I went to Mammoth cave and also the other lesser known caves in Kentucky, I was so sad that they said that someone’s article of clothing or purse may have given this disease of white nose syndrome to the bats. They are indeed gentle creatures and most have the tiniest teeth, mainly fruit and bug eaters. The danger of us getting hurt by them is far less than ours to them. Good read today.

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  2. I’d be voting for all of your selections. But you left off the one I’d support most. (Notice how I’ve jumped on the but-begin-a-sentence bandwagon). The one I’d vote for is where you email me your backlog posts and I get to publish them under my name. Since I’m always saying “Hey! i was gonna write about that”, but then I get distracted by the sunshine. That way I’m relieved of my not-posting guilt and you’re relieved of your posting too often dilemma. Seems like a win-win solution to me.

    Seriously, i like your SOCS posts and all your others. Three a week every week is probably one too many for me to give full attention. I find myself scrolling past some posts when bloggers publish more often because it starts to feel like I don’t give each post my full attention.

    But it’s really about your writing practice. You should write when/how you want and readers will come and go. It’s definitely a balance between satisfying your writing needs and maintaining an engaged readership.

    I guess that’s why I haven’t done the SOCS – the topics are fun and I want to do them. but I want to limit myself to two posts a week except for an occasional series or extra post.

    Having said all that, Dan, i look forward to reading everything you write no matter how many times you post. Our relationship is well-established and you will not take it personally if I don’t respond occasionally.

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    1. Thanks Sammy. I can always write to the prompt for the practice and just not publish them. My next post is about my GPS. I won’t have it ready until Tuesday do that gives you a head start if you were thinking about it :)


  3. Very entertaining post, Dan. Your “bat” anecdote made me laugh and as for “bet”ting, if every time you place a bet your team loses, why don’t you just bet on the other team so yours wins? Think about it.. ;)
    I do have to say I hope you stick around for SoCS, but as the last question on your poll states – it’s not church. AND (that’s not a “but,” but it may be just as bad) you know the “Saturday” part of SoCS isn’t a steadfast rule any more than anything else, so if you want to post your SoC on another day, all you run the risk of is not having as many people from SoCS reading it. I will though! As long as the link is there, I’ll know about it! :D


  4. When I worked at the Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone, we sometimes had bats in the cavelike upper reaches of the dining room ceiling. I loved that. My husband and I, both bat lovers, have spawned to younger bat lovers. =D

    An idea – I often use SoCS to move my other writing projects forward. This month, I’m using the prompts in my NaNoWriMo novel; last month, one of my OctPoWriMo poems was a prompt.

    And, if you hadn’t posted this week, I wouldn’t be following you right now, so there’s that. But you get to decide what and how to play.

    Loved this post!

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. The prompts are interesting in that they make me think. There’s a lot to consider and I don’t think any decision will be absolute. I do like meeting new people, that’s a big plus. Thanks again

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      1. I like to see my blog as an organic place, reflecting what I’m passionate about. So, like you, nothing’s set in stone.

        And I never expect anyone to “keep up.”I’m just happy when people stop by and share their thoughts with me.

        Whatever you decide, may it bring you joy! =D

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        1. Thanks for reminding me that I write this stuff, first because I enjoy writing this stuff. I think I have it sorted out in my head now, but it was an interesting question to consider.


  5. The no-editing part is scary about the SoCS (and I’ve only participated twice, so I’m no expert). But — availing myself of the new privilege here — I love being able to write something, scan it typos and spelling, and then — PUBLISH. Because it’s stream-of-consciousness, readers don’t expect it to be polished, which is such a relief.

    I also love reading other people’s SoCS posts. Yours was fun in lots of ways, Dan: my favorite parts were the Mets bat and your team loyalty when betting. Something about having the pressure taken off encourages connections. I voted for, Do it when it suits you, because I am finding that these crazy challenges wreak havoc on the rest of my life.

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    1. I do find that the freedom from editing partially offsets the fear. I think it will be a balance between when I really feel good about the prompt and when I have other stuff I feel like posting. It is kind of nice to know that “I can do the SoCS post” on those weeks when I’m trying to find something to write about. The other thing about SoCS is that it gives me a chance to drop in the little bits like the story of the Met’s Bat that don’t really fit anywhere else. That might end up in a longer work someday, but not until after I retire.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and encouraging me.

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  6. You’re good at this challenge and I voted like the majority. Your blogging schedule is yours, so write when you want. I don’t like routine too much and prefer surprises to planned events. So feel free to post whenever it’s good for you.
    This last post is fun and clever. It’s not easy to come up with relevant and entertaining writing within such guidelines. And I love bats too!


    1. Thanks Evelyne. I should have realized the right answer without the poll. Sometimes I get wrapped up in a new routine. My wife/editor (you can edit SoCS god typos ) vetoed increasing the frequency :) I didn’t want to try they anyway. I like 2 posts a week but sometimes, I can’t make that if I get too busy at work.


  7. Nice! Your posts are always punctuated with humor, Dan. :)
    You are a dedicated blogger so if you have a scheduled for your blog, then I say stick with it and do the challenges as they appeal to you. I’d like you to channel some of your “dedication to blogging” my way as I have been quite neglectful of recent!

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  8. I like the ‘Bet’ part the most. I resonated with your betting experience. I think that if I want somebody or a team to lose a competition, I will just bet on them. That’s a sure lose. I carry such dark luck with bets!
    Also, there is a certain scary insect called botfly, whose larvae burrow under the skin and live there until the pupal stage when they drop off. I saw a video on You-Tube of a woman being helped to remove one from her scalp. Totally frightening.
    I came across that word ‘bats**t’ for the first time in a Stephen King book and thought he’d made it up.
    This is a creative post indeed. I was wondering what you’d write about ‘But’ but you managed it quite well.

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    1. Thanks Peter. I do have that effect on my teams but I don’t think it would benefit them if I bet on the opposition, but at least I can avoid doing damage to them. The TV show Bones had an episode in which their staff etymologist allowed a botfly to stay in him until it was ready to exit. It was very creepy.


  9. Another inspiring post from you. Sorry to comment on it late. I was caught up with some work of mine. Since today is Sunday I decided to read through all your unread posts and also for the other members of the group.


    1. Wow Sharukh, thanks for giving up the time. We have entered our busiest period so I understand getting caught up. I hope some of the work is your own writing as I enjoy that very much.


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