Shocking Surrealistic Snow Storm Shots (13 iPad Images)

I know that a lot of you already follow Amy. Normally, she is sharing beautiful photographs and equally beautiful words. These past few days, she has been sharing photos from her home near Buffalo, NY where they have been hit with the worst snow storm in the area’s history. The pictures are stunning, but there’s a slight fee – Amy is asking for kind thoughts and prayers for the people affected by this unprecedented storm. I know that she has mine.

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This is my third and final post of the day. The snow has finally stopped coming down, to which I think now the total snow fall in Lancaster, NY is a whopping 90″. You know, I write these numbers and it just is not going into my head, that we really have this much snow on the ground, falling in a matter of 3 days. Now that I have seen what I have, I can honestly say nothing is impossible!

I do not know where this storm is going. The “experts” say that the winds will pick up tomorrow, making visibility near zero. They also said we were in for an additional 2-3 feet of snow, which turned out to be only a few inches. I don’t think anyone knows quite what to expect. The last I heard, the officials want this area declared a National Disaster Area, and I…

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    1. She has several posts of pictures. That that much snow fell in one storm is amazing. We’ve had that much snow in a single month and it was wearing us out. I can’t imagine the work involved. I don’t even want to think about high temps and rapid melting.


    1. Thank you. I know from experience that you have to give that melt water a place to go but moving that much snow might be too big a challenge. I hope the weather isn’t as mild as they are predicting. A slow steady melt would be better.


  1. Bless you, Dan, for this reblog and ALL here who have wished their concern for me and my family. As of this writing, the temperatures are warming (up to 60) with winds whipping at high gusts and heavy rains forcasted to begin tonight. So far it has been a slow thaw, so the prayers have been heard. I haven’t watched the news today, just couldn’t, so I don’t know the extent of flooding and or damage. My next door neighbor’s gutter got torn off over night. I am so exhausted that to hear the news at this point will collapse me. The important thing is, we have food, we are safe, we are dry. My cats who have been freaking due to this storm, are finally settling down after many hours with me being with them. I’m so tired, Dan, I don’t know what is up or down. I am loosing track of time and days. I have SO many to respond to yet that I am taking chunks at a time, in order to get through. I think Monday I will post a bright flower. I think all of us need it. Again, I am so deeply thankful to you for this reblog and your caring. Depending upon conditions, I will be attempting to continue to document this storm. Sending Much Love, Amy


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