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A Timeless Quality

Rod Serling was one of the first storytellers that I truly admired. I didn’t just watch the Twilight zone, I read the stories. I checked his books out of the library over and over and I read the stories over … Continue reading

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Short Read–Quick Repair

A few weeks ago, we noticed that one of the stairs off the porch was sagging. It seemed odd, only the center of three boards appeared to be affected but it definitely had a squishy feel when we stepped on … Continue reading

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Running a Little Late

It’s official. I just changed the title of my Christmas post notes in Evernote from “Christmas Post 2014” to “Christmas Post 2015.” I was working on a nice post, but you’ll have to take my word for that. I wanted … Continue reading

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I Can Explain

I had planned to write at least one post during Linda’s absence from the Stream of Consciousness Saturday promptmaster role. I wanted to show some appreciation for the wonderful volunteers who filled in for her. But… There really isn’t a … Continue reading

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The Door

A busy weekend and a busier week has sidelined my next post in the “what were you thinking?” folder, so I thought I’d cheat and give you a quick update on the holiday door contest. I mentioned the contest in … Continue reading

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We Used To Could Do That

I’m not from the South but I lived there for a year. I wish I could get away with using the expression in the title and its companion expression “might could” but that might make the grammar police who follow … Continue reading

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Improved to the Point of Useless

I wish manufacturers would realize that some things are good enough as they are. I don’t mean to be so hard on those guys; I’m sure that it isn’t easy to keep a product competitive these days. I also realize … Continue reading

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