Running a Little Late

imageIt’s official. I just changed the title of my Christmas post notes in Evernote from “Christmas Post 2014” to “Christmas Post 2015.” I was working on a nice post, but you’ll have to take my word for that.

I wanted to have a Christmas post so I could wish you all a Merry Christmas. I guess I really don’t need to wrap a story around that, Merry Christmas! If you celebrate a different holiday, I hope it is / was / will be happy. If you prefer not to celebrate anything at this time of the year, I still hope you are enjoying yourself. I’m going to include a special “have a happy” to all of you who are celebrating your birthday during these hectic weeks.

Let me also take this time to thank you for reading No Facilities. Thanks for helping me on this writing journey with supportive comments, ideas, nudges, prompts and thank you for the great writing that you contribute to this community.

The picture at the top is the one bit of decorating I’ve completed this year (little tree, under the lamp, look again). The video below is my favorite holiday video.

I know it’s a commercial but I can’t watch this often enough.

34 thoughts on “Running a Little Late

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    1. Thanks Elaine. That chain is centered in western Pennsylvania. It reaches out into the midwest and into central PA but the closest restaurant to us would be about 4.5 hours away. Still, we stop every time we head to Pittsburgh. Thanks for finding the tree and for your nice wishes.


    1. Thanks. The little tree makes a nice statement. I will really like it when we have an ice storm at about the point where they have to come down. We only get to Eat’n Park when we visit Pittsburgh.


  1. Merry Christmas Dan!

    Trust you have a wonderful time with family and a good relax. Looking forward to your regular posts in 2015. Your consistency and variety of topics is really inspiring, always keeps me entertained, learning and laughing (I’m about to go into airplane mode and do some of my own posts now).


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    1. We had a great day Nich. I hope you did as well. Thanks for your kind words and your support. I look forward to reading and learning more from you in the new year. Im very glad we found each other across the web.

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  2. I loved it! The little star elicits a ‘hopeful’ feeling within me…Lord knows the way the world is going presently, a little hope is always welcome…
    Happy New Year, Dan. Thanks for being a regular visitor at our little corner of this blogosphere, we really appreciate your friendship so much. CJ and Mousie

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  3. I took off from Dec. 23- until today so I was behind in my wishing you a Merry Christmas 2014, so better get ahead and say this for the coming 2015 blessed event! ha ha!
    Hope you will have a meaningful and Happy New Year’s Eve and coming year, Dan!

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  4. So sorry for missing this Merry Christmas post, Dan. Wishing you a Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope to read many more fun and informative posts, see many more photos in 2015. Thanks for your support toward my blog and writing.

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    1. Thanks Evelyne. I usually don’t worry when people miss things. I know that everyone is busy, especially at this time of year. Also, I know not everything appeals to everyone. I hope to keep this going in 2015.

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