A Different View

imageOne of the things that surprised me about my blog last year was the level of interest that people expressed in my photos. I’ve always used photos to support the stories I’ve told, but in 2014, I added a couple of photo-centric posts that were well received. Since the story I am currently trying to tell is stuck between “this is a stupid idea” and “This will work, I just need more time,” I thought I’d revisit a previous post about the curious popularity of photos on my Flickr site.

As some of my long-time followers might remember, I wasn’t quite sure how to explain the top 20 photos, as measured by views, on my Flickr site back in November of 2013. I am less able to explain that ranking today. Worse yet, the top-20-by-views ranking doesn’t even include 10 photos that I’d really like to share with you.

Fortunately, Flickr lets me sort my photos by another measure: “interestingness” – and, apparently, that is actually a word. So here’s the deal: I’m going to give you a quick update and then share interesting photos Miss America style. Today I’ll post photos 11-20. Mid-week, I’ll post the Top-10 most interesting photos I have. Hopefully, by then, I will have nudged the post that I am working on out of the cobwebbed corner of my brain.

Speaking of interesting, although I was quite happy with my WordPress stats for 2014, all-time views of my Flickr site are almost an order of magnitude greater than views of this blog.

You can read about my original puzzlement with Flickr ranking, and if you like, you can take a quick peek at the Top-20 photos from 2013 on this blog’s Facebook page. The Cable Car is still #1 and the picture of the crane illuminated by the light of someone welding is still in the Top-10. I am sure that the latter is due to the fact that I mentioned that “welding sounds like bacon frying” and people are finding that photo when searching for bacon. It’s all about the search terms, I’m told.

Here are my 11th through 20th most interesting photos. The titles and descriptions are embedded. You can see part of the description if you hover over a photo or read the whole shebang by clicking on any one photo and starting a slide show.

Note: Regular readers will recognize four of the Top-20 photos from my “favorite things” posts last November and longtime regular readers might recognize a few others from previous posts.

Views are views. Interesting seems to be a mix of views, comments and likes. I am happier with this group of 10 than I was with the most popular 11-20th photos. I hope you will find them interesting too.

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  1. I had to chuckle when I saw the name you use on Flickr. That was a buddy at works license plate (minus an ‘o’). He was in a parking lot one day and this woman gets out of her car to lay into him what an awful tag to have on his car and how he should be ashamed of himself. Chuck looked at her and said, “Wait a minute. What do you think WODWRKR stands for?” Her response: Widow Maker. Oh, Lord. He had to tell her, no, it stands for ‘woodworker.’ He made things with wood. She just walked away.

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  2. I enjoyed every one of your photos, Dan, and I laughed out loud at the coffee mug about the cat. Yep, so true. LOVE the pic of the rainbow as well. Your photography keeps getting better and better. I don’t have a flickr account so I have no idea what you are talking about. It’s a miracle I can keep up with WP. LOL Great post, and if I haven’t said it to you, Happy New Year!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. Thanks Amy. I have the benefit of some good instructors in the family.

      One thing that might interest you about Flickr is the free storage. Every user gets 1TB free permanent storage, and you can keep all your photos private, all public or mix and match as you choose. It’s a great (extra) backup option. All of my photos are shared publicly but I only upload a fraction of the ones I take. I hope 2015 is a good year for you.


      1. Dan, I do believe you have given me my third option for backup, and I really THANK YOU. I will look into Flickr tomorrow. I think I will keep my photos private. Maybe. We’ll see. Do you get a lot of traffic with your photos that are public? Just curious …. I hope 2015 is a good one for you too!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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        1. I’ve been on Flickr for a long time Amy, longer than I’ve been on WordPress. Im getting way more traffic on Flickr, but it’s not as good. There’s very little interaction. That’s the part I love about WordPress and the community of pople (like you).

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          1. Hmmmm …. It still is a way to backup my work, though, even if I don’t go public. The reason why I stay on WP is exactly the reason you stated …. my friends and the interactions I have. Thank you for including me as being a friend. That means a lot to me, Dan. (((HUGS))) Amy


        2. Also, look for ‘Woodwrkr’ if you set up an account (that’s me). You can connect and share some photos only among your contacts as well as the public/private deal. One of the things I love about Flickr is the ability to store a full resolution image but download a lower quality one for blog posts. I usually upload a 1,024×768 image to WordPress. It’s good enough for screen viewing and it saves my WP storage.

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          1. Dan, thank you for all the info about Flickr. I’m starting over with photo storage as my computer hard drive “fried” and back-up data was minimal. Good that a lot of writing was on WP site. Photos on cell phone & WP. I have a new all-in-one Lenovo computer with 3TBs storage…back-up max. Always love your photos & will check out your Flickr site. Interesting stats…congrats on work well-done! Christine

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          2. I too have my own system when I upload photos to Petals. I’ve only used 5% of my storage and I post a LOT of photos. I’ve also been open for business for over one year … so yes, it all makes a difference on how you edit photos for uploading. Love, Amy


  3. I like your handmade chart the best 😊 even though it wasn’t ‘in the running’ it’s oh-so-true!

    The rainbow ferris wheel and the laundry on the line both hark back to simpler times and quieter lives. I like those.

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    1. Thanks Sammy. I was very happy with the way the chart came out. It is accurate way too many times. Even though I’m a geek, I am more comfortable with the hand-drawn charts and graphs. Of course, I always wonder about posting them :)


    1. No, not at all. In fact, I appreciate knowing that. I have had really good luck with that “style” of chart. I’ve even used them in some industry presentations. I like the look way better than something out of Excel or PowerPoint. It’s easy to talk to.


        1. That’s a good use of a spreadsheet for building a chart. Sorry to hear that it’s not a greta program. I use a Macbook for iOS development, but I still use a Windows machine for everything else. Now that we’ve gone with Office 365, I can add Office to the Mac. I may become more of a Mac user.


          1. Thanks :) I used to make charts all the time from Excel “back in the day” like in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Oh? You develop things for apple? I really LOVE my Macbook. I switched in 2009 from a PC to a Mac and I really love it. Just some things are not intuitive as they should be. But it’s a rare occasion I use numbers or pages really.

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            1. I develop some small apps for our company to use on iPhones and iPads. I’m not what I would consider a Apple developer. I developed software for Windows for a long time. I like the Mac, it’s just not what I’m used to. I have a Macbook Air, and I really like the battery life.


            2. I have a 15″ Macbook Pro Retina. I’m glad I got the fast processor since I run all these filters in Photoshop. I’ve never had any problems with the two Macs I’ve ever owned and Apple’s customer service is amazing! Hope you have a wonderful day! And I just noticed you were Freshly Pressed! Congrats!

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    1. A couple of people have mentioned the washline, and I can see why. When I took that picture, that’s what I was reminded of. The “laundry” is, in fact, the side curtains of the shade cloth covering the tobacco field. If you aren’t from Connecticut or western MA, you wouldn’t have any reason to know that. Thanks for the comment and for confirming my original mental image.

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    1. Thanks Sharukh, I’m trying to get more comfortable working the photos into my writing. I’ve always just sort of left them off to the side and hoped people would see them and make the connections.


  4. Dan, I’m back. We eventually settled.
    Meanwhile I like the graph. Graphs make so much sense to me. This one is hilarious. To see your feelings about a post graphed like that is truly wonderful. Now I’m thinking of graphing my own.
    And great photos too. I always love those photos.

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    1. I could tell from my inbox that you were back Peter! I’m very happy that you crawled through my posts, now I think it’s time for you to write :)

      Graphs make sense to me too and sometimes, I find it so much easier to express my thoughts in a simple chart or image than in words. I’m glad you like it. I’d love to see yours, I can only imagine that with such complex stories, you have a few more ups and downs.

      Welcome back!

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