And the Winner Is…

clip_image002A few days ago, I shared the 11th through 20th most interesting photos of all time from my Flickr site. As promised, in this post, I will reveal interesting photos 1 – 10. Ta Da. Of course, the real reason I split these pictures into two groups was to provide myself some cover. I have been stuck between several different ideas about what to write next. I didn’t want to have to sort things out during the beginning of the week because I had a lot of work (day job) to do. These are the thoughts that bubble up in my brain when an idea fails to take root.

Of course, now that I think I have ideas sorted out somewhat, I still need to put photos 10, 9, 8…1 out here and I feel like I should say something. See, that’s the problem with two-part blog posts. All the good stuff gets written in part-1. Now I’m stuck. I’m not stuck for an idea, suddenly I feel like I have several, but I really didn’t think through this part-1 part-2 thing. I won’t post the blog-in-my-brain chart again, even though several people liked it, but there’s an area of the chart that applies to the state that I’m in with respect to this post – what was I thinking?

clip_image004Even though the pictures are captioned and described, I want to describe a few of them. I’m going to abandon the Miss America approach and start with interesting photo number one – Sky on Fire. I took this picture from our back yard while out with Maddie, our 1 ½ year old Irish Setter. She thinks that one of her photos should have made it into the top-10, as do MiMi and MuMu. I’ve added MiMi here and I’ve promised the girls that I will feature them in their own post (collectively) at some point in the near future.

Anyway, I was really amazed with the sky that night as the sun was setting. All week long, the sky had been brilliantly colored but on the other nights the red was a band along the horizon, not half the entire sky. I like it when beautiful things expand. That’s why I like the close-up photo of the Rose of Sharon blossom. I took that one morning, also while out with Maddie.

There are also two photos that I took while visiting a very good friend of mine in Ipswich, England. The Cargo ship is at the Port of Felixstowe. My friend gave me a whirlwind tour of the area but my favorite photo is the one showing the cranes reflecting in the harbor in Ipswich. This was taken from my friend’s apartment. If you like it, you can see more photos of maritime activity at the Ipswich Waterfront Blog.

The picture at the upper right is too recent to threaten any of the top-for-all-time photos but I find it interesting. The field is no place special; it’s just an empty lot across from my wife’s church. OK, enough explanation, let’s get to the winners.

The most recent photos on my Flickr site are always available over in the right sidebar. I probably shouldn’t have said “always” because I tend to change this blog’s theme and layout every now and then. Flickr, is like WordPress in a lot of ways. I load it up with the pictures I like the best, but the people who visit decide what is interesting.

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  1. I still don’t understand how the “interestingness” thing works, or how an image winds up on Explore.
    I love those vivid colors of that sunset! It’s rare we get sunsets or sunrises that colorful where I am.

    Rose of Sharon…I thought it was Hibiscus? It’s very pretty! I only have one image of one in my whole photo library.

    I like that crane and reflection image too! The water looks like glass and was so still, and the light is very even. A lovely time to be out with the camera!

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    1. I think Rose of Sharon is a common name applied to a bunch of plants (including Hibiscus) but it’s as close as I’ll get to knowing the name of something in our yard. I usually refer to “the yellow thing by the compost bin.” I guess that interestingness is the result of some algorithm that considers views and comments and ‘favorite’ and shares – all the things you can do on Flickr. Even so, the numbers don’t lead me to a clear sense of how it worked. Personally, I think there are others that are more interesting, but what do I know? The problem with counting views is that the deck is stacked toward older photos. The sunset was taken around Thanksgiving, but still has a long way to go to get into the Top-10 by view. Thanks for your comment.

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  2. Awesome pics. I can understand why the mini moos was popular. Its a close up image of an everyday thing, which can be used by others in their own posts (as long as they credit you), and evokes nice memories. It’s also just a cool image, as are the rest. Thanks for sharing. You are very talented.


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    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I do like the Mini-Moos, it’s just funny to me that it was such a simple photo (taken in my hotel room) and others that I worked very hard to get languish at the bottom ot the interesting meter :( Actually, I’m OK with it. I like that people look at the pictures I post and that people read this blog. Your time is precious and I appreciate it very much when you spend some of it here.


  3. That’s so funny that one of your tuxedo’s is named MuMu b/c that’s what we call our Teemu (my tuxedo) sometimes. Teemu or MuMu or Mr Mu. Because you know, like the cat knows his name…**eye roll**. Gorgeous, gorgeous sunset.

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    1. That is funny. MuMu gets just Mu on occasion. Usually, her name is augmented with things like “really MuMu” “Seriously MuMu, you haven’t been brushed?” “Oh MuMu, shuuuuut up” MuMu is a talker. MiMi only recently started to meow at all (they are 9) and it’s tiny little squeaks. MuMu is loud and obnoxious.


      1. I’m back (because misery loves company and because it’ll nag me till I work it out) to say I constantly struggle with how to wrap a post – will 1 work; is a series necessary and desireable; if so, how to organize it. Sometimes I overwhelm myself because I can’t find the natural breaks in my mind thus not on paper. I have several ideas I’m going to try in 2015 to see if they will help mitigate that frustration. That’ll be a post in itself (but not a series!)

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        1. I was going to just do one post with two groups of 10 photos. I talked myself into the fact that that would be too much. Afterwards, I remembered that I’ve had posts with 3 and 4 groups of 9-11 photo and they worked well. Sometimes, my ideas are better before I start thinking about them. It doesn’t take much for me to over-think something.

          I will be interested in both your initial post and your ideas / results because I have some topics that would require more than a blog post’s worth of words. I haven’t decided how to approach those.


    1. Thanks Christine. You are in agreement with the masses (ahem) of viewers on Flickr :) I was happy to get home in time to snag that. The sun was setting during my afternoon commute at that point, and I saw some very pretty skies while on the highway but by the time I would get off, the color would have drained away.

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    1. Thanks! I have a lot of photos of “the ground where Maddie used to be” and “the cushion that used to have a cat on it” I also have a bunch with expressions like this one and worse. The cats don’t waste any time letting me know that I am annoying them :)

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  4. My husband and I had a conversation yesterday about the snow blower photo… and we laughed and laughted… I am so sorry it happened but it was a great photo and story. Funny that it made the top 10… stay warm Dan I hear it is really cold up your way!

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    1. Thanks Jolynn. Last year was the first year that I used that machine. The cowling on my old machine extended even with the front of the auger. On the new one, the cowling ends several inches behind the auger (so a drift slicer can dump snow into the auger). I was having a very hard time getting used to where the front of the auger really was. I found two different fences before realizing that I just needed to stop further away :)

      It was -1 this morning when I let for work. It made it all the way up to 18 for a high. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 20’s – yay!

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      1. My dad is kicking up his heels and dancing Dan. He is a happy one and the ones left behind are the sad ones. Parting is truly such sweet sorrow. Bless you for your love. It means so much at this time. Love, Amy

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    1. Thanks Peter. The most amazing thing to me about the sunset is that I took it in our backyard on what had been a pretty normal day. You expect to find shots like this after hiking for hours. We have to remember to look for beauty everywhere. I’ll have some new photos of the CT River tomorrow morning. The ice had built up quite a bit, but we’ve had a few warm days. I was out of town for the coldest point but I’ll stop to see what remains.

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