Within the Shadows

I’ve been trying to do more with my photos lately. When I saw a post from someone that I follow that responded to this prompt, I thought I might join. I didn’t actually see the prompt yesterday, but I think I have a recent photo that works for it. At least I was thinking along the lines of this theme when I took the photo:

“For this week’s Photo Challenge, find the shadows. You can choose a literal interpretation and shoot an actual shadow, or you can play with the light and dark, and create a moody scene, or capture your subject in a rich and interesting way.”

That’s MiMi, one of our two Tuxedo cats. I’m not sure she’s happy with me, but at least I didn’t try using the flash.

MiMi will either stretch out across the length of the cradle or she will curl up right at the edge.

Thanks to Loisa over at …on pets and prisoners… for introducing me to this challenge and for setting the precedent of using a cat photo.

Are you interested in learning more about the weekly photo challenge? Here’s the information from the challenge site:

Want to participate? Each Friday, we’ll provide a theme. Publish a new post with a photo interpreting the theme. Include the pingback to this week’s challenge to share your post with the community. Learn More

27 thoughts on “Within the Shadows

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  1. Thanks, Dan. This is such a great shot–a black cat, in the shadows, giving you the evil eye. I love it. I was going to post a picture of the feral cats I feed that are named……Shadow, but decided against it. This photo is perfect! Cats work for just about every challenge. :)


    1. Thanks Evelyne. The only writing prompt I follow is the SoCS challenge because you aren’t supposed to edit your post. I think that’s a good exercise. Meeting the challenge won’t always be easy though.

      Since these are both on Friday, I guess I’ll decide which works better for me. I’m also trying to avoid three written blogs each week. Two works for most readers, including my wife who proofreads/edits.


    1. MiMi would probably like to balance on a rug on a wire. She is fearless. When we were renovating that room, she was up and down ladders, crawling along the beams and staging and always trying to get higher.

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  2. What a shot, Dan!!! The lines and the curves plus the background make this photo wonderful!! I don’t know if I can show my cat towers because we are in desperate need of new ones. The ones we have are SO beat up. They are much Loved, that is a given. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. And OH are mine Loved, believe me. LOL IF we bought new ones, I would be my cats would be very upset. All those good scents and smells they put on … gone. So we keep the beat up towers cause our “kids” LOVE them. LOL


  3. I like where you say that you’re not sure MiMi is happy with you. Can anyone be sure? I don’t know. I’ve never seen a happy adult cat. In fact, I don’t even know if they CAN be happy. Those guys are just about the most indifferent and cold-hearted of all domestic animals. I used to live with one, but that fella would give me a violent scratch if I delayed his food. It would be worse if I got home late from work and he had polished off his (abundant) portion that I left him every morning. Sometimes I would ask him if he thought we were friends. He would just look at me the way MiMi was looking at you when you took this photo. He would then walk away with such pride and arrogance, such detachment and apathy, that I would wonder if he recognized that he lived in my house. I think he thought I was the pet.

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    1. We do joke that our pets allow us to stay in their house in exchange for the food we provide. MiMi is actually a very happy cat. She was very sick when we got her; the vet didn’t expect her to survive. My wife took wonderful care of her and after about a year, MiMi started to act like a kitten. She’s 9 but she still acts like a kitten. She jumps and plays and gets into some of the weirdest positions we’ve ever seen a cat get into. Her sister (MuMu) sometimes looks at her and then looks at us as if to say “I don’t know what’s wrong with that girl.”

      We also had a cat like your describe once. We adopted it from a friend. The cat loved my wife, but treated me like a servant.

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