Colorblind Isn’t Black and White

The first indication that I had a problem with color vision was during a physical exam for my first job out of college. My eye doctor completed the exam and filled out the form that I had to return to Burroughs Corp. “Vision: 20/20 with corrective lenses. Colorblind” Whaaaaat? “You exhibit symptoms of colorblindness, primarily... Continue Reading →

Considering Attachments

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: attach/attachment. It can be about love or anything else!” I’m going to approach this from the “anything else” angle. Not that I have anything against love, I’m all for love, but other kinds of attachment are on my mind this week. Actually, the first thing that... Continue Reading →

Blogging Tech–Part-II

The first part of this series focused on storing and manipulating ideas for blogging. Today, I'm going to talk about the way I write. No, not the scatter-brained stream-of-consciousness-hopping-from-topic-to-topic thing, the technology that I use. Remember, I'm a geek. I have a geek job and I have geek things that are the result of having... Continue Reading →

small little league memory

One of my favorite bloggers has shared another great story. This one reminded me a little bit of the feelings I shared in Jupiter Effect I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


One of those  little league seasons when I was a kid , Bobby Devinney and I sat the entire time on the bench . By the end of the game , if our team was either winning or losing by a bunch , the coach would put Bobby and/or  me out there in right field for the last  inning . Often it happened to be the last half of the last inning . Big deal , eh ?

It was the old worst- case scenario of Little League coaching . The coach’s son was a pretty good athlete , but he was also a loud-mouthed arrogant jerk . He was the team star and his buddies played every inning of every game . Sort of a sports version of the spoils system . baseball 1

Neither  Bobby nor I were friends of the coach’s son  , and we were quiet boys …

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My Fat Fingers

I make a lot of mistakes while typing, but I really hate posting/texting/tweeting stuff with typos. I am the guy who retweets my own thoughts with the hashtag #nowTypoFree. Unfortunately, I also send people strings of text messages like: There are entire websites devoted to iPhone typos during text-message conversations. I think some of them... Continue Reading →

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