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I always enjoy Dan’s stories. This one might inspire me to share my own experience with Jury Duty, but, given the title, I don’t think he’s done yet. Let’s see how this plays out.


Nowadays you serve one day of jury duty and you’re done . Well , you’re not done if you’re chosen for a jury . The trial might last two or three days . When the verdict comes in , then you’re done . In the past ,  I’ve been called for ” a panel ” but then not chosen for the jury .  That was on my first day at the courthouse , and I was done . I’ve been on several juries over the years .jury

It used to be that jury duty was 10 days . People didn’t want to join a jury on their ninth or tenth day . That would extend their service , most likely , for a few more  days . You could spot the short-timers as the jury was being picked . They were the ones telling the judge why they shouldn’t be…

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