Dreams and Intersecting Phenomena

In early January, Sarcastic Muse Amanda Headlee wrote about getting inspiration from your dreams. It’s a great post, you can read it if you like, Ill wait. I left the following comment:

I get a lot of ideas from dreams. I use Evernote to write them down because my handwriting is as bad as yours. I can usually wake myself from a dream. Not the result of conditioning, just something I’ve always been able to do. Then again, I may just be dreaming now.”

I started to add:

However, not everyone’s conscious self is removed from the dream sequence.”

But I realized that my comment was going to be longer than her post, so I decided to write this post instead. You see, I periodically experience what some refer to as lucid dreams. According to (what did you expect) Wikipedia:

A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming… In a lucid dream, the dreamer has greater chances to exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment…”

My dreams often start as nightmares until I realize that I am dreaming. Sometimes, I tell myself that I am dreaming and sometimes, I simply decide to wake up. When I realize that I am dreaming, I can often interact with the dream sequence. I explain these dreams to my wife and I get the look that says: “I married a nut job” but my daughter also experiences such dreams.

One of the things I can almost always do during one of these dreams is change the location to a familiar place. If I am having a bad dream and I’m confused / being chased / being detained, I can move the dream to a city / street / building that I know well. This gives me the upper hand and the dream continues along this altered path with me in charge.

The Wikipedia entry describes a debate over this phenomenon among psychologists with some being skeptical that the “dreamers” are actually asleep. Asleep or awake, I have had dreams like this forever. Some psychologists say these are periods of brief waking. So, maybe a daydream? I don’t know. I’m not a psychologist but neither am I a nut case. Really honey, I’m not!.

I decided to wait until I had a recent lucid dream that I could describe. This one occurred on January 9, 2015:

The dream started on a winter night with three black sedans chasing me on the highway. I was driving my current car, a 2012 Jeep Patriot. The cars were gaining on me and I was scared. I realized that I was dreaming, took the next exit and led the cars to Spring St. in Windsor Locks, CT. I was now driving my 1988 Dodge Ram pickup. (When my daughter was little, we would go to Spring Park for a little off-road adventure in the snow).

I turned into the dangerously steep entrance to Spring Park and drove to the parking lot. The three sedans followed. The first car skidded into the lot behind me. The remaining two cars crashed on the final turn, blocking the driveway. I then escaped via the dirt road through the woods where I knew no car could follow.

At the point where the dirt road merges back with Spring St. I remembered starting the notes for this post, woke up and enter this into Evernote.

You may recall that a few posts ago, I wrote about the Baader-Meinhof effect. Some of you shared your support for there being odd connections in our world and some suggested that these things are just random. A week after I had the dream described above, but before I finished writing that post, I experienced another lucid dream. This time, I was in a cavernous steel structure with hundreds of other people waiting for an event to begin. The din of people talking was quickly overshadowed by sounds of steel straining, rivets popping and metal crashing against metal. The people in the room were scared. I was scared. Then I realized that the sound I was hearing was the baseboard heat. I started shouting “the building is fine. It’s just the heat.”

Incoming Text
This is a screen shot of the text from Faith and my reply.

I woke up and decided to add that little dream sequence to the notes for this blog post. I reached for my phone (Evernote) and noticed a new text message from my daughter.

Coincidence? Maybe. We both live in CT – it was equally cold in both places. We both have hot-water baseboard heat but Faith had never tweeted about it or commented on it and I can’t remember ever incorporating the sound into a dream before.

Maybe my wife did marry a nut-job. Maybe I was consumed by thoughts about phenomena and these dreams are just the natural outcome of that thinking mixed with a bit of coincidence. I don’t know why I have these dreams, but I have had them as long as I can remember and I think they make my life, at least my dream life, richer.

Poll – What about you?


  1. I always ask for psychologists credentials – if they cite Freud they are not helpful in any way to anybody suffering anything. I actually suspect that they are the nut jobs :-) One really great thing about lucid dreaming is you have the opportunity to turn and face your pursuers. What happens next is always interesting – and enlightening!

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    1. They are interesting. I have always found these to be very interesting dreams. I doubt I would ever discuss these with anybody “in the field” – I have no desire to be studied or questioned. It’s just how I am. Thanks for stopping by :)


  2. Holy cow ! This is just freaky how many times you write about what I’m thinking about writing!!

    Your dreams are better than those awful tv scripts on the chase dramas. Can you film them? Maybe collaborate with your daughter? Are you exhausted when you wake up?

    I either have a brain tumor (worrying it away like Joey instead of going to the doctor) or the blogging has changed my brain because I didn’t dream for years until about a month after I started blogging, and now I dream multiple times a night – many of them lucid dreams (I didn’t know that’s what they’re called). Last week I was telling my grandson that I’m having so many dreams (usually in the hours right before I wake) that – while I’m in one dream – I’ve had to start lining the rest up so I can finish one dream before starting the next! His response? “Don’t worry Mima. You’re normal (!!) That happens to me all the time.” So either he and I are both nut jobs or I’m normal.

    In any case, I voted for you being a nut job 😊💤💤💤💤💤

    I do have one recurring dream I will eventually get around to writing about.

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    1. Thanks Sammy. I don’t mind being a nut job if I’m in good company. I never knew that there was a name for these dreams. It wasn’t until my daughter and I were discussing them that she told me what they were. She had looked it up.

      I don’t normally wake up tired, which makes me think that these are dreams and not “waking moments” because sometimes they last a long time.

      I’m sorry for writing about things in your plans, but I’m looking forward to reading about your recurring dream. Unless you’re in one of those black sedans :)


  3. I couldn’t help myself. You’re a nut job, Dan. :-p

    I have never had a lucid dream and for a long time (years), I didn’t remember dreaming about anything. Now, I remember my dreams occasionally, the last one was a nightmare: I was in a car on a wooden bridge that was sinking into a lake. I woke up when I started telling myself I was going to die. I sure hope that I dream about butterflies and puppy breath next time.

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  4. You know Dan a lot of people give lip service to the idea that we are “all connected” but few really understand the depth of that statement. Connected is connected. It is our awareness and aensitivity that varies from person to person. I can’t tell you how many times my son, all of them but most of all my youngest, born on my birthday, will call me just as I was thinking of calling him. I will wonder why he hasn’t answered my texts and suddenly there is an apology text about not answering. Just two days ago I was thinking I needed to remind him to go visit his aunt but didn’t for fear of overloading his already busy schedule. Next thing I know Im getting photos from my sister (his aunt) of him and his girlfriend, literally the first time he has ever visited her without us! Lucid dreaming? Absolutely! I can now make locked doors open, manifest closets to hide in and force myself awake during dreams of no win situations. From the dream/ mental health studies I have read this can mean one is taking control of their emotions and actions in waking life. I like to think so….

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    1. Thank you Cheryl for weighing in on this. There are too many occasions like the ones you describe to make me think it’s mere coincidence. I thought it was weird when the text showed up while I was still working on the other post. I wanted to try to incorporate it but I couldn’t figure out how to do that without describing this post. This seemed like a better place to reveal that connection.

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      1. I loved this post really. These things have been a part of my life always but I have been much more aware since my Mother’s passing in 1980, just two weeks before my first son was born. Not surprisingly, my husband who rarely admits to contemplating such things, is always the one who finds new ideas, books, groups and breaking news about spiritual and scientific phenomenon for me to look at.

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      1. haha! That’s too funny. My husband has had to awaken me because I **cough** yell in my dreams sometimes. If I was conditioned to wake up, I am so sure this wouldn’t happen. I can remember the yelling part but never the dream that had me so freaked out.

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        1. It’s good that you at least remember the yelling part. Otherwise he might just be messing with you ;) I have always remembered dreams. I discovered that others didn’t and, at first, it didn’t make any sense. I just thought I was normal. If my wife reads this, her eyes will be rolling at that thought. Amanda does describe (in her post) how to condition yourself to wake up. I have no idea if that works, but it might be worth a try.


      1. My tablet was messing up when I tried to write my last post to you. My first lucid dream was so cool when I realized I was dreaming and I could direct things. The colors were off and I could almost feel the air. I was in a house and went outside and down the stairs and walked down the street, totally awake. I even knocked on a few doors and said hello to them.

        I can also get up in the morning, go to the bathroom, go back to bed and pick the dream right back up. I know my mother’s says she never remembers her dreams. What a shame to lose so many hours of your day go down the drain! I also often dream about traveling and going through cities with endless streets and big houses with endless floors and endless rooms.

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        1. I can also (sometimes) pick up a dream where I left off. I think that is such a cool aspect of this phenomenon because I hate it when I wake from an interesting dream without know how it ends. Thanks for following back up on your comment.

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  5. After not sleeping enough to dream for over a decade due to sleep apnoea, the dreams I have now that I can breathe at night are just wonderful. I even enjoy nightmares. It’s a rich and symbolic world and I love experiencing those connections with my deeper self. Last night I dreamt that I had to go war in the Middle East with a bunch of young people. None of us were soldiers. The only footwear I had were my slippers and all I had to wear was my gym gear. I stayed behind as long as possible trying to find some equipment, guns or anything, then realised that I couldn’t go and leave my kids anyway. I woke to find both of my children snuggled next to me fast asleep. I’ll look out for more connections with my kids in that dream state after reading your post and lucid dreaming. I don’t think I do the lucid thing. I want to do that.
    And for the record – I vote not a nut job. :)

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    1. Thanks Becca. I never try to figure out what dreams might mean, I just tend to enjoy them (or not) and move on. They must be an important part of us though. Going to war in slippers, that’s such a comical sounding combination. I’m sure the dream wasn’t funny.

      Thanks for the no-nut-job vote.


  6. I have more nightmares where I’m not aware I’m dreaming, and more good dreams that are lucid. Either way, I’m a person for whom the noise around me will trigger my dreams, let alone sensation, like being trapped in a gown, or having my face buried in a pillow.
    The strangest ones to me are when I’m in a house that is not my house, or people are not in their proper bodies. Whose is that face they’re wearing? Those dreams tend to provide me with lucidity.


    1. I am frequently in places other than my house, but people are usually the people that they are. Except when people in my dream seem based on a movie or TV show, then I seem to mix those characteristics with people that I know. It’s interesting, when I think about who I seem to choose to represent evil characters. Thanks for adding to my highly unscientific research :)

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  7. Well done, Dan. This was a particularly interesting, enjoyable post.
    I once dreamed that i was dreaming that i was dreaming. That left me feeling weird and questioning my own reality for days… :D Huge hugs.

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  8. I want to say “other” but add more to my comment. I think I have had lucid dreams but not frequently. I like the idea of analyzing dreams to try to figure out what my subconscious is trying to tell me. So I do not think about controlling the dream. The experience you had with your daughter is very interesting. I would think of it as a form of ESP. I often think the same thought as a family member is thinking at the same moment. Or I may call my daughter and tell her what is going on with me and she will say she was just thinking about something related to what I was dealing with. So I am strong believer in this type of connection with other people.

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    1. I have to tell you Deborah that this one was too much to ignore. I know that it could be a coincidence but the curious nature of the event is too weird. It’s enough of a coincidence that our heat would cycle at roughly the same time, but for both of us to have that reaction is too much. I do believe that there are connections we don’t understand. thanks for your comments here and on the other post.

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  9. Now, Dan, you of all people are not a nut job. I think it is really incredible that what you dreamed your daughter experienced. We really are connected much more then we understand. I really thank you for the refresher course on lucid dreaming, because I have been having a lot of nightmares lately (being chased, ending up in unfamiliar places when I knew where I was) all due IMO to my Dad’s death. I’ve been so caught up in these emotional horrors, I totally forgot I can change the dream. And that is what I will do. I normally do not have nightmares, yet lately I’ve had too many. I will have to let you know how I do. :-D (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. Thanks Amy. I am enjoying the feedback here and I am taking comfort in the number of people who have experienced these dreams / don’t consider me a nut job :) I hope you can work beyond the nightmares. Please do let us know how you make out. Pleasant dreams.

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  10. I have had lucid dreams. Several times. Usually, they are just nightmares and I wake myself. I used to have terrible nightmares and I would scream until somebody woke me. Then from sometime in 2000, I started “knowing” that I was dreaming. I don’t know how because I’d be asleep and dreaming yet I’d know it wasn’t real. I’d wake myself. And in April 2000, I had the same dream for three nights in which a man wanted to kill me. He was pursuing me with a knife. The weird thing was that I’d know it was a dream and wake up. I’d wake up and go outside. But when I returned to bed, the dream would continue from where it had been interrupted. It went on for three good nights until my mum remarked that I needed prayers. I have never understood what dream phenomenon that was. And it had never happened to me again.

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    1. I have also had the same dream over a period of nights. Each time though, it’s a little different. Finally, I decide that I am going to change the sequence of events and then I stop having that particular dream. I have some that recur from time to time, as if the dream is trying to trip me up. Given your vivid imagination Peter, I would not want to be in one of your nightmares. If I ever sense that I am in a tunnel in a dream, I hope I have the ability to wake up quickly.

      For those who might be wondering about my reference, you can find Peter’s horror story at https://drkillpatient01.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/the-tunnel/ – keep the lights on.

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  11. Even I’ve experienced lucid dreams. Once I was in a ghost city with narrow serpentine lanes walking alone. Suddenly a mob is right in front of me with swords, daggers, steel rods, hockey clubs, cycle chains and other weapons. As they ran towards me I shivered but my mind told me I was dreaming and in an instant I transformed into Neo-like character battling thousands, crushing them to their death.

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  12. I wish I had control over my dreams like this! Actually, what I really wish is that I didn’t dream at all. For as long as I can remember, I don’t ever NOT dream. It’s an every night occurrence and more often than not, they’re something negative or unpleasant. And whatever is causing stress in the daylight? Yep, I’ll be dreaming about that at night. :P

    One thing that really drives me nuts about dreaming is that if I wake up, the dream will often just continue on when I fall back asleep. Which is great if it’s a good dream, not so great when I’m being pursued by people who want to hurt me. I know a lot of people say they don’t remember dreams, but that’s super rare for me. I can recall at least 95% of what I dream about.

    And I’m always solving something. Good dream or nightmare… people are always depending on me to solve mysteries and problems. Possibly too much Scooby Doo when I was young, I think!

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    1. I was going to attribute that last bit to Scooby :) Restarting a dream is also mentioned in the article on lucid dreaming. Maybe it’s something you can work on. I remember most of my dreams after I wake up, but I don’t retain those memories very long, and then I have the dream again. Thanks for the ongoing support Wendy, I really appreciate it.

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  13. I remember very few dreams, which is just as well, considering that most of mine are neither good nor bad, but simply weird. I mean Salvador-Dali, Alice-in-Wonderland weird. Things morph into different things, I go from riding in a car one second to being in a hot-air balloon the next, a house becomes a giant igloo … very trippy. And I’m sober as a judge!

    What gets me is how often I’ll dream about people I know, but in places I’ve never been before … yet everyone (including me) is acting like it’s normal. Then I wake up and think, “What WAS that place?” Though in the dream when people act strange, I usually ask them what the hell is wrong with them. I never get a straight answer, though. Ah, well. Good post, Dan!

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  14. Wow! You’re quite a dreamer, Dan😄 No, your wife didn’t marry a nutty man. I’ve had some real interesting dreams too. My husband has scary dreams all the time. He dreams often of dead people trying to hurt him. That’s scary.
    I think I’ve had a lucid dream once or twice. I’ve even tired to get some of my dreams interpreted- my interpreter is usually my mom.

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    1. I gave up trying to figure these dreams out Elaine. One of the benefits of the lucid dreams is that sometimes I can turn bad dreams around a bit. Not always, but some times. I appreciate the comment and the thought that I’m not nuts.


  15. I have had dreams that I knew had a specific meaning and have even come true. One night I dreamed that my X-mother-in-law asked me if I wanted a bedspread. The next morning she asked me if I wanted that same bedspread. My dreams are weird like that.

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