It’s Still Winter

Over in England, the Tramp in the Woods a.k.a. Colin is sharing pictures of wildflowers and the cutest little dog ever. I have to emphasize ‘little’ or Maddie might have a problem with me. Here in Connecticut, it – is – still – winter. Chronologically and according to the thermometer, it’s winter. By the looks of the ground and the trees and the roads, it’s winter. My favorite place around Hartford to observe the seasons pass, is Great River Park on the east shore of the Connecticut River. From there, it still appears to be winter.

However, we left the shortest day of the year behind us two months ago. We are adding minutes and minutes of daylight each and every day. Even after the boneheads in Washington throw the clock into reverse on Sunday, we will still be adding daylight. Spring is coming. The snow is going to melt. The river is going to thaw and rise and flow and, if it warms up too fast, flood. Before any of that happens, I get to enjoy a few days where I can visit the river at sunrise. Come Monday (1), I’ll be back in darkness during my commute in order that… hmmm, why is it that we still mess with the natural order of the day?

I could easily let this turn into a rant about Daylight Saving Time. There is sufficient controversy around the practice, but as an early riser, I will simply state the DST is stupid. End of rant. Now, before I lose the light, let’s take a look at the river. I’ll make it easy, the pictures all have descriptions, if you’re interested, you can click on any one of them and start a slide show. If you prefer to just look, be my guest.

Some of the pictures are from earlier in the winter, before the snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. February 2015 was officially the coldest month since they started keeping records in 1904. Oh, and there’s one bonus photo, of a different river – I couldn’t resist.

(1) As soon as I typed “Come Monday” I was reminded of the Jimmy Buffett song by that name. Give a listen.

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    1. I do enjoy winter Sharukh, but the prolonged cold last month was really starting to be a drain. I realized that by the time the sun is shining at 6:00 am again, the river will likely be flowing smoothly and the snow might be gone. Thanks!

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  1. It’s still very winter here, too. Time change is so stupid. So stupid, Dan. Ugh. On February 7, some light finally appeared at bus stop time, and it’s been lighter and lighter every day…Plus it makes me feel unwell for a few days. So stupid. I could cuss a blue streak about it, really.
    The pictures are lovely, I’m quite fond of the dome across the river one.
    And Jimmy Buffett, yes.

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    1. Glad to get some agreement on DST Joey. I really wonder about the kids going to school. Every school starts pretty early around here. We are just getting to the point where it’s light on both ends of the school day and we’re going to shove them back into darkness. It’s especially dangerous here this year, with 6′ and 7′ piles of snow at the corners of streets and driveways. Thanks for the comment.

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  2. “as an early riser, I will simply state the DST is stupid”
    yes yes yes.
    spring is here. i am sure we will get a cold snap but for now, the buds are budding and things are even full flower. sending you a bit of 60-degree weather . . .

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    1. We had snow/sleet/ice overnight but we will see temps in the 40s today (followed by snow tonight). Spring is coming. So is DST. We can’t stop either one, but at least spring is good. Thanks for the support.


  3. My favorites are the blue hour/dawn images especially the one with the steam rising on the rising.
    I hope you’re printing your favorites.

    Didn’t we start DST so kids weren’t walking to school in the dark? At least that’s what I recall being told as a girl. I don’t think many kids walk to school anymore…which is kinda sad. I had great “thinks”, and made great plans, and saw all sorts of interesting things going to and from school.

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        1. :) That’s most likely what I would do too, but I know if I was reading it I would see the mistake.
          I really wish there was an edit feature in the comments section because I think faster than my fingers type! I’m also a lousy editor. :)
          I took typing the summer between 8th and 9th grade during summer school…hoping to get a leg up on High School credits so I could graduate early. I got a D in typing. I never got faster than 39 words per minute without errors. Sigh! My Mother said I HAD to retake it during the school year. Right! I told her I’d get a secretary. And, never retook typing. I hate it when she’s right!! I still type very slow, and poorly! Who knew we’d be going into the keyboard digital age? !!! She had no clue in the 70’s but was still right. Mother’s always know!! :)

          I love her dearly. :)


    1. I do think that DST was at least supposed to benefit kids walking to/from school but it clearly harms them today. Especially, as I mentioned to Joey above, in our area where we have huge snow piles. Kids walk out from behind them and simply appear like magic in front of you, while you’re driving on a crummy road.

      I have a few of these images printed and hanging in my office. I love the golden time, but the pictures I have hanging are the blue and the dark with reflections. The one with the steam rising is a favorite. Thanks for the support.

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      1. Ah that one in the Golden Hour with the building reflecting gold is wonderful, and one I would print too. It’s also probably one that will be of historic value as time goes by. Skylines change …as we know!


  4. Beautiful photographs Dan. It is like a different world, well, it is like a different part of the world. Here things are about to get much better. The Butterflies always return around the second week of March and we have sunny days forecast for the end of this week and next, with temperatures going as high as 15 C (currently 8-9 C) That will bring them out. Snow is really beautiful in a cold and deathlike way but there is a time and a place for it and winter’s time is done :)

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    1. Thanks Colon and thanks for the inspiration for this post. I am looking forward to spring, but these pictures are special. The CT River rarely freezes this much near the city.


  5. Doesn’t it kill you to see photos of spring flowers from our fellow bloggers in other parts of the Northern Hemisphere when meanwhile we are here, up to our eyeballs in white stuff. An additional two inches fell yesterday – plus freezing rain on top of that!

    Yeah, and DST – dumb dumb dumb. It may have made sense when it was first introduced, but now? I don’t think so.

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    1. I try to be hopeful Maggie. I also keep scrapping the snow away from the area where a few stray Crocus always pop up. I’m like “come on little guys, I need you!”

      DST – the worst idea ever I think. Thanks.

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      1. On the other hand…we who live in areas that don’t get snow do love your images and tales of of life living in the snow. Seriously. I have no clue how to live, or drive in the Winter conditions you do. It’s like you’re in another country! But, I dearly love the images and narratives you share of your Winters. I wouldn’t know what I was missing otherwise! You men and women are made up of stronger stuff than I’ll ever be. A couple days to a week vacation is all I could handle of your winters. In CA we don’t even have the right clothes to come for a Winter visit!! I know I’ve done it…once! Spring is coming to you guys. It really is! The horror is it’s too bloody short!

        I count my blessing every year that I where I live I have 3-4 months of Summer, and have a good long Spring to boot!


  6. Beautiful photos, and the array makes me think of poetry (which I can’t write) or the setting for a murder mystery or political intrigue (heck I don’t write those either). But still, those photos are evocative of a mood. Anything but cold, snow and gloom of northeast winter-run-amok.

    I have enough sleep problems without springing forward and falling back. All that jolting hurts my neck. Now I see it’s chiropractors and spine specialists conspiring about DST.

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    1. I’m going to go with poetry Sammy. I’m often the only person in Great River Park between 6:00 and 6:30 am (at least in the winter) so I don’t want to be thinking about a murder mystery, and I’ll pass on anything political.

      As for the conspiracy angle on DST, it wouldn’t surprise me. One of the posts in my work-in-progress folder is about things like how the phone company won’t stop illegal; robo-calls and how much the tech economy earns from spam and viruses and why they probably don’t really want to solve either problem. I was going to include big pharma, but that’s a whole blog series in and of itself. If we want to know why we still have DST, I guess we have to follow the money. It may lead to your chiropractor :)

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  7. Nice pics.

    I am tired of winter too, and I hate when we have to turn the clock ahead because it means I lose an hour to sleep. Today, I noticed a water stain on the ceiling. Figuring it was probably due to an ice jam in the gutter outside or too much snow on the roof, I slogged through two feet of snow to retrieve the rake from the shed, climbed to the tippy top of my six foot ladder because running over my leg with my car (I finally went to the doctor, and tests revealed no break or clot) was not enough risk for me. I raked what I could reach, and then got the bright idea to attempt climbing the slanted portion and lifting myself onto a flat portion to get more snow off (those pull ups came in handy, I can tell you.) My husband is out of town, and will hopefully never know about this or I will never hear the end of it. Two hours later, I was faced with the scary necessity of getting down. There. perched on the roof, staring down at my six foot ladder that was much further away than I thought, I realized I must take better care of myself. Do things slower, think before I act, weigh consequences against benefits, etc. My comment has turned into a minipost, but what I started to say is this experience also increased my hatred of winter.



    1. I enjoyed the mini post Elizabeth. I have known several people who have had problems getting down off of something they climbed up on.

      I have had to clear a couple bits of ice but no danger involved. It’s just work I’d rather never have to do. Seeing the temp hit 40 today felt good, even if we’re in between snowstorms. This will melt.

      Thanks for the comment.


  8. To make your day, Dan, there’s more snow coming. If I can judge from the weather forecasts (sure, laugh :D ), this next one looks like it’ll be our last one until next fall. I don’t have any snow here — yet that is. Some rain has fallen and there’s talk of another ice storm and high winds. Please, no! Some snow would be okay but leave the ice and wind out of it.

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    1. I agree about the ice Glynis, that’s the worst. Our snow didn’t materialize overnight. The driveway was bare this morning which has never looked so nice to me. The forecast is showing lots of 40s – that’s a good thing. Thanks for stopping by.


  9. Yes, it’s STILL winter. And I’m getting sick of it.

    Come on, it’s March! I’m in the Baltimore-Washington region, not Minnesota. Let’s get spring cracking here! Yet I sit here writing this with the schools in our area already closed for tomorrow on the strength of a threatening forecast. Snow. Freezing rain. Enough! You don’t have to be a baseball nut like I am (though it certainly helps) to be ready for this annual nightmare to end.

    Hey, mentioning nightmares made me think of your last post. Maybe this is all a dream! Okay, walking up now. … *waits* …. I said, WAKING UP NOW! …. O_o

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    1. I guess this is why spring training is in Florida Paul. Photos of PNC Park looked like they can get it ready for opening day. I’m not sure about that team up in Boston. The last picture I saw of Fenway looked way more white than green.

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        1. I’ve tried to follow both at times, but I think I’m a NL fan at heart. I don’t get to see the Pirates much, even on TV around here, but I listen to them on MLB atBat and I follow in sports apps.


  10. I HATE the change of time in the spring but as you say days are getting longer anyway, and it’s great. You guys have been served a pretty bad winter up in New England and I hope for sun and warmth to arrive soon in your area. Although visiting the blogosphere it provides gorgeous photo opportunities. Take care, Dan.

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    1. I don’t think anyone here likes DST. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who likes it. Why is it still here? I’m sure that in 4-5 months, I’ll be complaining about hot and muggy days but right now…I don’t know.


  11. I love the blue in the photos. Really glorious. And I support you on the DST thing. I’ve been reading about it and I just wanted to laugh out aloud. The first time I heard it I thought it was a natural phenomenon. Like something to do with the rotation of the earth! Which was why I was very curious.


  12. Thanks Peter. I wish there was some scientific reason to support DST, but so far, the only benefit I’ve read about is in the form of increased sales of charcoal and grilling supplies as people begin/continue to cook outside after work. SMall benefit for making children walk to school in the dark.

    The blue at that time of day is stunning. I wish my camera did a better job of capturing it (or I knew how to make that happen).

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