Go Go Yellow Snow

clip_image002“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “go.”  Ready, set, GO!

I’m postponing todays scheduled post to meet the challenge of the SoCS prompt. For the full effect, imaging yourself tethered to an Irish Setter in a below-zero, ice-encrusted, snow-packed back yard. For obvious reasons, I’m not sharing a lot of pictures.


“Let’s go Maddie!”

“No, we’re not going to take the Frisbee out with us. You have stuff to do.”

“No, you can’t go up there. We didn’t come out here to play.”

“Maddie, it’s cold, can you just go? Please.”

Irish Setter
I know I have things to do, but it snowed. I want to play in the snow.

“Yes, I hear the other dog barking. No, you can’t go play with him. You have things to do here. You can play later.”

“Let’s go pup, wrap it up!”

“Maddie, let’s go while we’re young!” (I do say that sometimes because it always reminds me of Caddyshack).

“Maddie – just GO!”

“Ouch, how can you go there? Isn’t that cold on your…?”

“Good girl, thank you. Let’s go get a cookie.”


  1. So funny, Dan. When we had our 2 dogs, this was the very same conversation, but in the rain. In their head I just knew they were asking us: why are you holding that thing over you? Does it keep you dry? How come we’re standing on this side of the house? We’ve never been here before. And on and on. It always ended just like you and Maddie–Just GO! I love this!

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    1. Thanks Lois. I know that every dog owner has had this conversation. When I lived in Seattle, I had a dog who wouldn’t go in the rain (bad combo). I used to have to hold the umbrella over her!

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    1. Thanks John. So far, we have always had new snow to cover it, giving Maddie a clean canvas to work on. With spring, we will have the melting and revealing of past performances and new additions, because she HAS to pee in the snow for some reason.

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  2. Ha! Sounds just like my mornings with Cody. I especially love it when she decides to stray off the path into the deeper snow drifts to do her business and then falls over as soon as she tries to squat in the deep snow. Silly dog.

    Maddie looks very, very huggable!

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          1. Aww the redheads. I hear they are energetic! We are going to get a dog after we remodel the house. Will probably do that next year. I’ve never been a whole year without a furry family friend. I miss having one!

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  3. I think most dog owners can relate to this one!
    When I take the dog out, she runs around, checking her perimeter, and she makes, but if I don’t call her after, she’ll keep running around the yard!
    When The Mister takes the dog out, she goes out, she makes, she runs back. I believe this has something to do with her night-time cookie, but I cannot prove it.
    When it’s -10 or below tho, she’ll go to the first bit of yard and make, then run back, because she’s a dog, not an idiot ;) lol
    In another month, I’ll be complaining that she’s focused on squirrels instead of doin her business, so you know, it is what it is!

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    1. If we just let Maddie go, she will wander all over the yard, check the perimeter, bark, smell and investigate everything before coming back in. Then she will look up as if to say “I forgot to pee, can I go back out?” That’s why we still take her out on a leash in first thing in the AM and last time at night. She doesn’t seem to know that it’s 10-below. Thanks for stopping by.

      She treats us equal, but sometimes, if the Mrs lets her out, she will come in for me and vise versa – I have no idea why.

      Seems to me you have the solution – she responds well to the Mister.

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    1. I wish I was a happy as she was when we are out there. I guess that would solve the problem. The problem is that Irish Setters don’t get a winter coat. She shouldn’t be out there that long either.


    1. They say that Irish Setters have “an impish sense of humor” so I think she does understand and that she’s just messing with us. Actually, she is just so very curious that anything is more interesting than the task she came out to do.

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