jury duty (1)

I always enjoy Dan’s stories. This one might inspire me to share my own experience with Jury Duty, but, given the title, I don’t think he’s done yet. Let’s see how this plays out.


Nowadays you serve one day of jury duty and you’re done . Well , you’re not done if you’re chosen for a jury . The trial might last two or three days . When the verdict comes in , then you’re done . In the past ,  I’ve been called for ” a panel ” but then not chosen for the jury .  That was on my first day at the courthouse , and I was done . I’ve been on several juries over the years .jury

It used to be that jury duty was 10 days . People didn’t want to join a jury on their ninth or tenth day . That would extend their service , most likely , for a few more  days . You could spot the short-timers as the jury was being picked . They were the ones telling the judge why they shouldn’t be…

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  1. Jury Duty and stories related to the experience are always fascinating. I hope that you’ll follow in Dan’s traces in write your own post about that. By the way one of the reasons I wanted to become an American citizen was to get the chance to be on jury duty at least once. Didn’t happen yet, although I’ve been asked several times. Trials were always canceled at the last minute.

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    1. I am hoping Dan follows-up with a part-2, but I think that I will write about my experience at some point. I’ve been selected twice, but never actually made it as far as rendering a verdict. It’s more complicated than it appears once you’re actually in in the box.

      It’s funny that you are hoping to get called. Most of the people I know are trying to avoid serving. Thanks for the comment.


        1. Dan did post part-2 today. I’m not sure which way it will push you. If you ever reach the point where you decide that you would rather not serve, expect the invitation to arrive. I think they know.

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    1. You should check Dan’s blog again today. He posted a part-3 (final) which is kind of comical. I’ve been summoned twice and picked twice. A sobering experience indeed, but not one that I enjoyed.


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