Thursday Doors – First Day

My friend Norm has a number of series running on his blog. One of them is called Thursday Doors and I’ve always found it intriguing. Norm has featured some fascinating doors in this feature. He has often invited others to join him, and I have often said that I might.

Last week he made it official. He setup a process whereby those of us who want to participate can share our doors with Norm and others. OK, enough talking, here’s my door.

Nixon House
That’s the front door of the birthplace of Richard M. Nixon. America’s 37th President. The house was reconstructed on the grounds of his Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, CA. I’m not quite certain that the door is prominent enough for this series, but I like it.

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  1. I like it too. It’s a sweet little house. Looks welcoming and cozy. Details make all the difference. When we were looking at houses this last time, we had been fond of one with similar details. I called it Little Red Riding Hood’s house. (The inside was not charming, hence we do not live there. lol)

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  2. I really like norm’s doors too – and this one you give us here has that cottage feel – and Dan, I have to admit that my favorite part of this door is the way it coordinates with the windows – and the tree foliage – cheers

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  3. I like it Dan. The door and the light go well together. I’m always fascinated by the way you build houses in America. I was taken to a build in South Carolina when I was there some years back. The amount of wood and the way it was all structured together was marvellous to see. Sorry, forgot, the subject is doors. :-)

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    1. Thanks Don. Judging from the materials available to me on home centers, I get the feeling that we are drifting away from doing too many things with wood. When I did a renovation on our house, I tried to use a very old technique of having some elements of the outside trim “telegraph” the interior structure. Nothing dramatic, just that in a couple of places, what appears to be a peaked roof line actually ends with a small horizontal space. I chose to add a small horizontal section to the trim boards on the gable ends. Nobody but those of us on the inside understands the connection (well, now you do).

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  4. Dan, I can’t see the door you posted. I’m reading from my iPad, so I don’t know if that’s an issue.
    I did go over to Norm’s blog and looked at his door. This is a nice idea. I’ll be paying more attention to doors now.

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    1. Sorry that you can’t see the door Elaine. I need to see how this looks on my tablet. Not sure that I can do anything but I’m glad you can see Norms. I’m going to try continue with this theme.


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