What a joy it is to be read

The calendar says that April is upon us. Time to read.
The calendar says that April is upon us. Time to read.

…and what a joy to read.

What has me all philosophical today? Writers. Writers and the April A-to-Z challenge that is about to begin.

At least four of the people whose blogs I follow are going to participate in the A-to-Z Challenge. Just so you know. Just to be clear. I am not participating. I enjoy writing, but I don’t deserve that much enjoyment. I’ve thought about participating, but I don’t think I could find the time. Or the energy. Or the words. Or the proofreader.

On the other hand, I will read.

Having four, it might be five, people whose writing you look forward to, pledge to write something ev-er-ree day in April (well, every day but Sundays) is a little nerve racking. I mean that’s a lot of reading. I am up for the challenge, but my friends should all understand that I may fall behind. I have a day job. I have things to write. I sleep and I really enjoy sleeping so staying up past my bedtime in order to read your post, well it may not happen. Oh, it will for some, but I won’t say who you are. Lest you feel special and get a big head.

I will read for at least five reasons:

I will read to support them – Writing 26 alphabetically-ordered-theme-inspired stories is a daunting task. What am I saying, reading them is a daunting task, writing them is uber-daunting. I can only imagine dragging myself toward the finish line only to find “X” “Y” and “Z” staring at me with evil expressions and spewing forth maniacal laughter.

I will read for enjoyment – I enjoy reading and the people I am following on this journey are all very good writers. At least two of the folks I am following have published longer works and I have read something by each of them so I know that I am going to enjoy these posts.

I will read for inspiration – Again, I’m not thinking of joining this challenge, but following people who can churn out something worthwhile every day for 26 days is inspiring. It tells me that something I do can be done at a much faster pace, at a much higher level. I recently agreed to join Norm in his Thursday Doors series and the thought of taking/finding a single photo ev-er-ree week is more stress than I want. Norm is kind, he’s all “you can skip a week or three Dan…” but still. I don’t write on a schedule. I do other things on a schedule, and I don’t always do them well (relative to that schedule) so watching people succeed at this task will spur me on in the future. It can be done!

I will read to learn – At least one of the people I am following is going to do some explaining during the month. I love learning and I am looking forward to the 26 things she is going to share during April.

I will read because the next episode of Star Trek will still be on the DVD in May – Actually, I finished the STNG DVD set over the past weekend, but you get the point. Most of the things I do to simply pass the time in the evenings or early on weekend mornings are not things that have to be done at a particular time. I can set some of that aside for people who regularly read the stuff I put out by the virtual curb and who take the time to push the ‘Like’ button or leave a comment.

Last year I only followed one blogger through the entire month. Damyanti filled April with intriguing stories. I learned a lot from her that month about writing. I’m not sure she understands how much. I know that she appreciated my reading but I’m not sure she knows how much fun it was for me.

So, good luck to those of you that are crazy enough to be participating in the A-to-Z challenge. I’ll be reading, and I’ll let you know that I am there. If you are on Twitter, I’ll try and spread the word through that channel as well. For the record, this is not the kind of thing I share on Facebook. I’ll explain that in a post of my own someday.

26 thoughts on “What a joy it is to be read

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  1. “but I don’t deserve that much enjoyment” – Love it! :-D
    I couldn’t commit to that much time either, but I admire those who are taking on this challenge.
    It should make for interesting reading.
    Good luck to all!

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  2. Totally understand the Facebook comment (last line in your post).

    I started off writing on Facebook just around the time they introduced turning a post into a ‘Note’. But the Facebook crowd is a totally different audience: family, friends, acquaintances. Some enjoyed my work but others did not take my writing seriously or provide adequate feedback. Many of them didn’t even know I like to write! Also, some of the content is stuff I wouldn’t want them reading anyway. Sometimes it’s just better to keep things separate – – a way to let my writing be free and unfiltered.

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    1. Exactly. I share some of what I write on Facebook, but I don’t go too far along the lines of sharing what others write. I agree that some of what I like, I wouldn’t really care to have them read.

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  3. This is my second attempt to make a comment. WordPress is not in my favor this evening .
    I lift my hat off those who have made the committment to blog daily during the month of April. I like how you gave a shout out to the A-Z challenge by writing a post on it and the reasons you will read the writings of those bloggers. I ought to draw from their dedication and get down to my own weekly writing. Reading other blogs can truly inspire.

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  4. I know of very, very few people who could write a daily post for a month, and have all (or at least most) of them be worth reading. So if you’ve found a handful who you feel can do that? Good on you. It’s great that you’re making the effort to support them. I know that it’s hard to self-administer that kick in the pants, and so a challenge like this can serve a very useful purpose.

    It’s too bad you’re not doing it, though, Dan (though it makes complete sense that you’re not!) — you do a fine job on here, and you average a post, what, every second or third day? The bottom line for me is quality. I’d rather write infrequently, but do it well, than check a box, which is what a lot of bloggers seem to be doing.

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    1. Thanks Paul, and I agree. I usually write two posts each week. I toss in the SoCS prompt some weeks and I am trying to do the Thursday Doors series but there’s much less writing involved with those last two. 26 quality pieces in a month? That seems a bridge too far. The quality v quantity seems to work for you, I’ve never seen a dog over at Shadow & Substance :)

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      1. Much appreciated! Interestingly, my most prolific month was my first: https://thenightgallery.wordpress.com/2011/06/ I had 16 posts that June, so I averaged one every other day. Guess I had some ideas bottled up! Now that I look back, I notice that I had more short posts then, which may be the secret. Short posts can help a blogger publish more without sacrificing readership.

        In any event, thanks for the compliment! And hmm, never seen a dog at S&S? What about the pic from “The Hunt”? ;)

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  5. So involved into finding good French idioms I almost missed your post! Thank you for encouraging the bloggers who participate. In fact I hadn’t planned to do so, but wanted at some point to write about French idioms and their American equivalents. So it was a good opportunity.
    Actually it’s a lot to post every day. I’ve never done it. So I better return to my list! See you.

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  6. Whether you’re a reader or a writer, A to Z is a challenging month, to say the least! It’s wonderful that you’ll be supporting writers this year. I’m doing it for the second time, and I have to say pre planning the posts, pre writing some of them and having a theme has so far made it less daunting. We’ll see if I still think that come the dreaded letter X!
    Enjoy April’s A to Z, hope you have fun and learn lost of new things!!


  7. Time is really a snag, isn’t it? I can’t do the A-Z Challenge. I have the stories but I wouldn’t get time to write them daily for 26 days. The challenge is great, though. It does intrigue and tempt the soul. Damyanti did a great job last year. I remember one horror story she wrote about a serial killer with bags full of bones. It was chilling. I pledge my support as well.

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    1. Damyanti was amazing with the stories she created, and she took those prompts from readers (I supplied the Q and I was amazed at what she wrote. Finding time to read is hard enough Peter, writing is out of the question for now.


  8. I’ve never heard of this challenge. Does it happen every April? Can you write ahead of the challenge? I’ll check this out. Who am I kidding? Last time I tried posting eye day I developed a macular hole—I blogged my eye out!

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    1. There will be lots of information about it before April. When you write depends on how you approach it. Some write ahead of time some do it daily and I think some in between.


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