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Thursday Doors – Pearl St Garage

Pearl St. in Enfield, CT runs high above the Connecticut River in an area of town known as Thompsonville. This section of Enfield was once the proud home of the sprawling Hartford Carpet Company (later merged with and renamed Bigelow-Sanford) … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned Hard Work

If we were having a beer, I might tell you about the project I did last weekend when I straightened out a couple of racks of firewood that were leaning very badly. The pressure-treated board they were standing on had … Continue reading

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Many and Varied Thoughts

This post is part of the SoCS challenge, and it is the hardest one that I have had to write. I shouldn’t say “write” but it’s been very hard to “stream.” If you visit Linda’s site, you will see that … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Hazardville Institute

These are the doors to a success story in north-central Connecticut. In the mid-1800s, Col Augustus Hazard donated land at the corner of Hazard Avenue and North Maple Street (in an area of Enfield, CT that would become known as … Continue reading

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Eight More Laws

I don’t know why Twitter decided to “notify” me that someone favorited a tweet of mine over 500 days ago but of course I had to look. I was writing about behaviors that should be banned. I had eight of … Continue reading

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Remembering a Different A-to-Z Challenge

Despite the fact that a bunch of my blog-buddies just passed the April A-to-Z challenge midpoint, I can’t say the phrase “A-to-Z” without remembering a meeting of the Home and School Association where the subject was fundraising. The subject was … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Elm Grove Cemetery

This is the side door of the Meeting House that was used as a mortuary chapel for Elm Grove Cemetery. I will return to this building, as it has two additional doors that I find interesting. The cemetery is not … Continue reading

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