Thursday Doors – Tunxis Grill

Tunxis Grill
This is the main entrance to my favorite restaurant.

In order to obtain some of the information mentioned below, I had to sit at the bar at Tunxis Gill while waiting for the owner. I hope my readers appreciate the amount of effort I am willing to put into these posts. Let it be known that I will sit and drink a couple of Yuengling drafts if necessary to get the facts.

The facts in question are these: I couldn’t remember if the outside doors, the ones pictured, were original to this building or whether the current owner added them. The answer was important, since it would tell me whether or not the lower doors were made to match an existing door or if the two doors were ordered at the same time. Knowing this was worth a couple of beers.

Rich Schuler, the owner explained that the doors were not original. When he purchased this building, there were two doors in this spot, one led to the restaurant and one led upstairs to two rental apartments. The original restaurant, The Italian Corner only occupied the upper section of the first floor. The two lower sections were retail shops that changed businesses often. We had been customers of the Italian Corner since the early ‘80s and we were sad when it closed.

Tunxis Grill moved into the site in a big way. Rich knocked out the walls between the restaurant and the retail spaces. Today, when you enter through these beautiful doors, you can turn right into a casual seating area and further into a traditional restaurant space. Or, if you’re like me, you can turn left and head down a few steps into the bar. You can stay there, have a beer, eat and watch some sports or, you can continue down a few more steps into a lounge. The bar is small, eight useful stools (but they insist on sticking nine between the walls) and a few tables. The lower lounge is big enough for about 35 – 40 friends to gather. We had 32 when our daughter graduated from The University of Hartford’s Graduate School of Business in 2013.

They have also added a patio seating area, accessible from the lower set of doors.

Wherever you sit, prepare to feast on a large portion of excellent food and some of the best pizza in the greater Hartford area.

This post is part of Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors series on WordPress. Norm is taking a short break to recover from an illness. I think it might make him happy if we could post some doors for him to look at. Do you have a picture of an interesting door? You can write as much or as little as you like, just share the photo, click on the link and press the blue button. Please join us as we share the doors that make us smile, each week on Thursday.

26 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Tunxis Grill

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  1. Great post and probably if I ever visit Hartford I will have some pizza here. Would like to gulp down some beer as well, but I believe Sarah won’t let me (she’s very concerned about my health). I love the design of the restaurant, very cozy and relaxed. What do you normally order besides pizza and beer?

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    1. I think if you made the trip this far, you would deserve a beer Sharukh, I’d lobby on your behalf. They have a very nice selection of sandwiches and grinders (larger sandwiches) as well as beef, chicken, and seafood entrees. I am somewhat addicted to their (Chicken) wings and we really like their eggplant fires and fried Brussels sprouts. We normally get take-out (do you guys say that or take-away?) on Saturdays. They introduce weekly specials each Friday so I always check those out because they are always very good. I’m getting hungry – thanks for the comment :)


      1. Yeah, right said. Well, you’ll have to use all your conversational skills to convince Sarah then. She’s pretty adamant. We say take-away, thanks to McDonalds for introducing this term. Most restaurants still use the term ‘parcel’ or ‘packed’. I would certainly go for beef and chicken wings. I think I should write something on different terminology and words across India and the United States and how confusing it can get at times. By the way, did you like my Nepal earthquake post? Awaiting feedback from you guys on it.

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        1. I did enjoy that post, but I just realized that I was planning to go back and leave a comment. I’ll do that shortly. We were reading a lot of stories about that over here.


    1. Thanks. I find it hard to get pictures of businesses that are open. Then again, taking pictures of buildings at 6:00 am also might attract some unwanted attention. I know about getting hungry. After describing the menu to Sharukh, I’m looking around for something to eat.

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  2. Great choice for a beautiful (or two) doors, interesting building, as well as you patronizing businesses as they change. I like your personal connection to the doors!

    Is it pronounced ‘tunk-sis’ or ‘toonk-sis’ or ‘tun-zis’ or … I always feel uneasy walking into a bar/restaurant whose name I can’t pronounce 🍺😉

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    1. Thanks Sammy. It’s pronounced ‘tunk-sis’ but I tink Rich would take your money regardless of what you called it. I avoided it for a while after the previous restaurant closed. We had been going there for over 20 years and we knew the family and it was really sad. That said, when I saw that he had added a bar, I was really interested and when we tasted their pizza, we were hooked. The bar is kind of like my “Cheers” at this point.

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  3. I, for one, appreciate that effort, Dan. Throwing back those Yuenglings for us — you’re so giving! Perhaps it’s time to do a mash-up post: an “If We Were Having a Beer”/”Thursday Doors” one. What do you think?

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    1. I came close to doing that Paul but I do try to keep the Thursday Doors posts a little shorter. However, I appreciate that you recognize the degree of sacrifice being made in the name of fact-finding.

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    1. Thanks Lois. They did a really nice job of presenting this to the public. He has added the landscaping and the patio but it’s always been a nice looking place. It was a pretty interesting retail spot before, but there’s no other retail around this area and the side street is hard to get in and out of..


        1. I think so. The Italian restaurant had great food but hey had the kind of liquor license that only let them serve alcohol with food on site. You could not order a beer while waiting for a pizza to go and there was nothing else to do but eat. I’ve had business meetings here. I’ve seen lots of people having them. People stop in for a couple of beers, watch a little sports and maybe take some food to go. Plus the lounge lets them host large parties which the previous place couldn’t do. It’s got a little bit of everything to offer and they keep the menu changing but without giving up the stuff we love.

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  4. Looks like the setting out of the movie, beautiful, intriguing — something about the combo of colors. I bet the food is every bit as delicious as you described it, and I do appreciate the effort you put into these well-researched posts. Cheers.

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