Five (B&W) Photos Five

I was pretty happy with the angle I had on this bird. Faith was going for a different view. Wet sandals, wet pants, I guess it’s the price you pay for better photos.

Yesterday’s post was the beginning of a five-day challenge that I agreed to attempt. Actually, it was the beginning of two such challenges. You see, I’m as good with challenges as I am with awards. I always think they sound cool, I agree to complete them. Then whenever I start, I think about it, think about it some more, over-think things for a while and give up.

A couple of months ago Cordelia’s Mom (CM) nominated me for a challenge that involved posting five black and white photos on five consecutive days. I thought “easy-peasy” I take photos almost every day. I have thousands of photos on Flickr and thousands more on my iPhone, but then the thinking started. I had a bunch of posts planned. I didn’t have a five day opening. I didn’t want to overtax my readers. I kept putting it off.

Just when I thought that one more challenge would go by the way, Amy nominated me for the Five Photos Five challenge.

Amy’s challenge suggests that I should tell a story about five photos over five days. CM’s challenge was just to post a B&W photo. In the post about my father yesterday, I was planning to use a photo that my daughter Faith took of me when we were in Pittsburgh. That photo just happened to be black and white.

That seemed like a good place to start.

This is story number two. I thought it was only fitting to feature a picture of Faith. I have lots of pictures of her taking pictures because she takes soooo long works so hard to get the camera in the right place. Sometimes she kneels. Sometimes she bends. Sometimes she goes where people really shouldn’t go, but she usually gets the shot she wants. Below are two photos from the group she took of this bird. By the way, Faith’s photos are available here and here on her Flickr site.

I’m supposed to nominate a fellow blogger each day for both of these challenges, but I’m worse at nominating than I am at doing. If you want to play, please join in. I am going to keep the next two stories short, and I will finish these challenges on Thursday, maybe with a picture of a door.

26 thoughts on “Five (B&W) Photos Five

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  1. Laughing out loud at the way you described your wife taking pictures. LOL You can sometimes find me in the “places people shouldn’t go” category. I’m right there with your wife. The angle has to be perfect, the lighting just so, and even with a tripod you talk about taking time to set it up? I visualize how high that thing should be. I stoop low. I stand up straight. I begin a slow descent down towards the ground and when my eye sees it, I stop, judge the distance by eye where I was at, and then put my tripod at that height. Can Faith beat that one? LOL Great post and again I thank you for picking up the challenge. Three of my nominees fell through. You and Mark are the only ones that I know of that are doing this challenge. Have fun with it, Dan!!! (((HUGS))) Amy <3

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    1. Thanks. Faith is my daughter, but my wife is also a fan of getting close to her subject. They both encourage me to bend, stoop, kneel, whatever it takes to get the right shot.


  2. Dan, I take a ton of photos, some nature, some clouds and skies. Mainly, the grandkids each have a stack of photo albums with mainly themselves as the main subject. Last time Walgreens had 10 cent photos I developed 700 photos. I am not like daughter or wife but do have a few great ones.
    I like birds but rarely take photos of them. I have one white heron, a gray tall bird, possibly another type of heron and little birds which were on a pier on Florida. Great use of black and white photo, while I really liked the color ones best. The beak is a bright one I would hate to not be able to see it in all its golden tangerine glory!

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    1. Thanks Robin. I prefer the color ones myself. Faith has a very good eye for which photos should be black and white and which one are better in color. I have to guess. I was looking for a photo where I have her taking a photo and she posted that photo. A few great photos is a pretty good record. Memories of grandkids, well, that’s just special on its own:)


  3. Love your angle on this challenge, Dan, and the angle of the photo with Faith . You’ve captured her dedication perfectly! It made me think of another post I read of yours, quite a long time ago now. Faith was balanced precariously on some rocks, I think. If I recall correctly, she told you that if she fell you were to save her camera – I often think about that, usually when I opt for the safer, less interesting angle.

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    1. Wow Jill, you have a good memory. That post was a couple of years ago. Yes, she was standing overlooking a waterfall and I was worried about having to fish her out. She tells me that she never really goes where she isn’t safe, but…

      Thanks for supporting this photo challenge attempt. I recall your handling of the B&W challenge. I don’t expect to do nearly as well but I’m having fun.

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  4. I loved the picture of the bird looking straight at the camera. Cutie :) I have some pictures that I want to put up, but then I had a second thought on it and I think I will use them in a better way with one of my post. I am also waiting for more rains that will drench the entire neighbourhood and then I will go click some more shots and compiled them all together.

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  5. I like that bird. I like even more Faith’s determination to take its photo, her in that water, sunk down like that. I think it is astounding.
    And Dan,speaking of over-thinking/over-analyzing things–I think I am worse at it. I read about it even; the writer implied that INTJ’s are burdened with over-analysis.

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