Tuxedo Cat
MiMi is the crazier of the two girls. She flips and falls her way through life but she’s so very cute.

This is Day-3 of my combined Five Photos Five and Black and White photo challenge. I’m keeping this short because I don’t normally post this many days in a row and I don’t want my readers to get tired. After this challenge (and a special announcement on Friday) I will return to my normal schedule. Of course my normal schedule calls for a post on Saturday, so…

Enough babbling, get to the point!

(Yes girls).

Since one of the challenges is to post a black and white photo each day, MiMi and MuMu suggested that I use pictures of them. After all, they are at their best in black and white.

Tuxedo Cat
MuMu is the more predictable sister. She makes a lot of noise, but mainly so you will brush or scratch her.

I know that the challenge calls for a photo, but they’re sisters and I can’t pick one of them to represent them both. If I tried, they would fight. We used to have two male Tuxedo cats (Oreo and Cookie). Oreo was born about two years before Cookie and he passed away before Cookie as well. After Cookie passed away, we knew that we had to have cats, and we wanted Tuxedo cats. Our Vet, asked around and called us with news that a woman had two Tuxedo sisters.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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    1. Thanks Mary. One of our males (Cookie) had a bit of black that jogged out on his chest so that the black fur looked very much like a cape. He was the perfect gentleman, always ready for formal. I’m pretty sure we will always have Tuxedos.

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    1. Thanks Lois. Mr. Mu is a handsome boy. The funny thing is that MiMi is 99% silent and MuMu screams to be brushed. If we had reversed the names, she would have been our screaming mimi, but Mu, MuMu and “I just brushed you” work pretty well too. MuMu would appreciate being called petite. She’s the large of the two but MiMi is only 5 lbs.

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  1. I’m officially resting, Dan, because my 5 days was wild. I normally do not blog that many days in a row and right now, you better believe I need a break. I had my eye out for your post this morning, and thought it strange not to see it in my notifications. Now I know why. You didn’t link me with your post. That’s OK I will furgive you because you Love cats. MiMi and MuMu of course must be seen together for they are both gorgeous! LOVED both images, Dan. SMILE! (((HUGS))) Amy <3

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    1. I’m glad Wendy. I wasn’t a cat person until we got a cat. I have to share that story someday. MuMu can make you smile. MuMu can also make you want to throw something at her at 3:00 am when she wants to be scratched :)


  2. Dan, you can post on regular basis and I’m sure your readers will love it. At least, I never get bored of your posts. Your cats are lovely. I am not much of a cat person, but I still love animals. One of my earlier colleague had 6 cats at his home and I was so nervous as they kept bouncing around the home from sofa to table and almost everywhere. One sunny afternoon, a wild cat probably wandering around for food did come up in my corridor. I was shocked to see her, there is virtually no way for her to get in. When I shoo her away, she jumped out of the corridor, onto a car roof and then the church wall and she just disappeared in a blink of an eye. Super fast reflexes.

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    1. Cats seem to be able to get in anywhere that they “can’t” get in. Even in our house, we are often surprised by where we find them. Thanks for the kind thoughts.


  3. MiMi – MuMu. Black & White photos are better than any colored. Both sisters are very cute. Why I am feeling some attachment to both of them, even I don’t know. It may be because of being an artist. I do floral painting and whimsical animal oil painting. So, It may be my feelings towards animals. You can watch my paintings here:

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  4. Are they twins? Wonderful photos. I like that they are also black and white–so that there is a sort of metaphor in the story. That the object of a black-and-white photo is also black and white.

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    1. They are almost identical. MiMi has one long “sock”. The white part of her right front leg is much longer. As they grew, MuMu became larger than her sister. They have a way of sitting (paws tucked in) where it’s still hard to tell them apart. Thanks!

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