Connecticut State Capitol

I no longer work in downtown Hartford, but I still get my hair cut there. I’ve been going to the same barber for 34 years. He’s partially retired now, so instead of getting my hair cut on Saturdays, I have to get it cut on Friday. That means I have to worry about rush hour traffic. Hartford isn’t as bad as Boston or New York, but traffic in and out of the city can get ugly. My solution, no surprise here, I go in early – my appointment is for 7:30 am. I’m usually at the barber shop by 7:15 but I’m usually in Hartford by 6:55.

That’s OK.

I love being in the city early.

The Capitol Building sits on a small hill that rises above Bushnell Park in Hartford.
The Capitol Building sits on a small hill that rises above Bushnell Park in Hartford.

At that time, the city is quiet. There’s very little traffic, very few people and there are plenty of parking places. The meter maids don’t start making their rounds until 8:00 so it’s free parking all around. I drive around looking for interesting things and I stop and take pictures of them. Lately, as you might guess, I’ve been taking pictures of doors.

Today’s picture is the Capitol Building. I chose this because, although I took a color photo, the sky and the light made it look like a B&W shot. The only thing that was obviously colored in the original was the gold dome.

In case you’re wondering why I’m sharing this today, well I’m responding to two challenges. A couple of months ago Cordelia’s Mom (CM) nominated me for a challenge that involved posting a black and white photograph on five consecutive days. A few days ago, Amy nominated me for the Five Photos Five challenge. I combined both challenges into a five-day sequence. This is Day-4. I’m not nominating folks (like I’m supposed to) but if you want to play, it’s easy. Either post a black and white photo each day for five days or post any photo a day for five days and tell a short story about the photos. Or, combine them into something like this mess that you’re reading.

By the way, you’re supposed to mention the person who nominated you, which I didn’t do on Day-1 and I forgot to do on Day-3. I stink at these organized blog things.

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  1. Nice shot. I haven’t been in a major city at 6 something ever. I am however out doing chores at that time several times a week. I hear the chickens clucking, the goats bleating away, birds chirping, a peacock up the road doing whatever it does for sound, walking in the dew on the grass and seeing the sun peak over the tree tops. Early morning – it’s one of the best times of the day. :-)

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    1. Wow, Judy, your early morning sounds soooo nice. Maybe except for the peacock – those guys can be pretty loud. I guess if you’re already up, it doesn’t matter. We are always up early. It really is the best time of the day. Thanks for dropping by.

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      1. Ha ha ha. Initially, I used to do that openly, but my family members and friends didn’t like that. They felt I was trying to look smarter and better, make them feel inferior because my English is good than theirs. So, I tweaked my habit a bit, I still point out typos, but in private ;)

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    1. Thanks Mary. These aren’t even long posts, but the time required and the need to post daily is a bit unnerving.

      Thursday Doors is very easy for me because I love doors and I love history and I love telling stories. It was started by Norma Frampton. He always has the instructions at the bottom of his post and he’s made it very easy to participate. You can post a Thursday door up until Saturday. On Twitter, he is @norman_frampton His latest door is at: – join us whenever you have a door :)

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      1. I understand unnerving. You probably remember (unless you ran away) I tried to accomplish the two week WordPress poetry challenge and didn’t quite make it. By Wednesday of the second week, I was done. It was fun and very difficult at the same time. Thanks for the link, Dan. I’m going to keep that challenge in mind, although it may not come with a history lesson ;-)

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        1. That’s the beauty of Thursday Doors, you can just post the image and call it done. I give you credit for trying the poetry challenge. I don’t even bother putting them into my idea jar – ain’t gonna happen.


  2. I’m still wondering why on earth I keep waking before seven…
    I get it with the quiet peaceful time in summer, but in winter, when it’s so dark and cold? I’d never prioritize a haircut. Y’all morning people make it look so easy!

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    1. It’s so nice to be his first customer. Sometimes, when he wants to end his day early or squeeze a few extras in, he’ll have me come in at 7:00. I have to be pretty sick to stay in bed beyond 6:30.

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  3. Ah-HA! I got it. You get un-nerved by commitment. Hmmmmm ….. But once you jump in with both feet, I think you find out it isn’t so bad after all. I too normally don’t do the challenges due to the time issue, but this time, I made time. That and it was tailered made for me, or so it seemed.
    Loved this post, Loved this picture. Dark heavy clouds go perfect with this intimating yet massive example of archetecture. (did I spell that right?) There is something about stone buildings that to me, just oozes history. Good for you for getting up early to get your hair cut to beat the traffic. Buffalo has so many fascinating buildings but due to crime, I would have to drag hubby out of bed early to come with me if I want to photograph, and IMO, that is not about to happen.
    I wrote one of my little sayings when I read, “I stink at these organized blog things.” LOL So for this I thank you, and I look forward in you actually seeing what I wrote. Hehehehehehe Have a wonderful day, and I for one, think it mighily clever of you to combine two challenges into one!! Great job, Dan!! Love, Amy <3

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    1. Thanks Amy, and thank you for giving me the final push I needed to get through this. Your comments about Buffalo remind me of when our daughter was in art school. She offered to have me come along on some photo shoots for fun, but she required me to come along on others for protection.

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      1. Unfortunately, the cities are no longer safe for a woman to walk around in alone, especially with expensive camera equipment on said woman. And you are so welcome, Dan, about the pushes. It is not called a challenge for nothing. Five days for me was not easy to do, especially seeing how many comments I get on Petals plus those that I leave at my friends’ blogs. I really am proud of you for jumping in and trying new waters. I bet you learned a whole lot about yourself …. I know I did. :) <3


  4. The building is very old world, cathedral like isn’t it. I love that time of morning when the world is mostly still. I enjoy hearing the birds morning songs, and see the morning light on things. It can be a magical time.

    You have a pretty unique Barber me thinks. You making plans for his replacement when goes into retirement full time?

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    1. Thank you for the comment. As for the barber issue, I’ve considered just starting to shave my head. My wife doesn’t like that idea. She has a friend who is a hairdresser in town who sometimes cuts men’s hair. I don’t know, it’s going to be hard. The worst part is that he’s going to move to a point where he’s in Italy 3-4 months at a time. I don’t know how to handle that at all.

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    1. I thought you might like this photo Wendy. I half expect to see the Adams Family come walking out of this place. Come tho think of it. they would probably do a better job of the work that goes on in that building than the current occupants.

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  5. Yes but you excel at sharing interesting photos and commentary 😀

    I like to visit municipal locales early on Sunday mornings. Everywhere from NYC to sleepy little Arvada, CO takes on a different persona.

    I gave up the 25-mile heavy traffic commute to my hair stylist last year. I miss her (a very long relationship) but time and comfort became more of a priority, and my hair really doesn’t know the difference.

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    1. Thanks. It is fun to visit these places when they are dormant. I’m sure my hair (what little there is) wouldn’t care where I went, but my barber has threatened me in the past about cheating on him.

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      1. LOL my hair stylist and I have/had a longer relationship than I’ve had with either of my husbands and we always had fun reminiscing about our younger ‘wild’ years as well as the changes in Boulder through the years. 😀 darn. Now I’m gonna have to fight the traffic to pay her a visit!! Too bad she doesn’t work early Sunday mornings!

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  6. Great building, to be sure, and yes, this is a terrific shot. The fact that you did it on an overcast day, and shot it from a low angle (so that it seems to loom over us) gives it a bit of a menacing look, as if this could be the setting of a horror film, almost. Good job!

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  7. That does make a nice black-and-white shot.

    I’ve been carrying my camera as I drive to and from work and occasionally taking a photo of the top of buildings while stopped at a light (sometimes I have to be really quick, though – sometimes that light changes while I’m still fiddling with the camera). Someday I’ll do a post with them.

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  8. You crack me up: I stink at these organized blog things. I just learned hyperlinking so I am taking things in baby steps. Isn’t it great to have such a long history with someone? My hairdresser and I have only been together 12 years. Then he sold his shop and went to this ‘hipster’ place downtown. We roll our eyes at each other when I walk in, but the pressure is off him. He works his magic and goes home. Semi-retirement has its perks.

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    1. I’m looking forward to the day when I can be semi-retired. And, the heck with the semi part. My barber also moved into a larger shop. 12 years is a long time. Longer than many marriages :)


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