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Thursday Doors–Bleeker Street

When Faith and I exited the Highline in New York City a few weeks ago, we continued south along the Hudson for a while. We kept snapping photos and walking until our feet started to hurt and we were hungry. … Continue reading

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Code, Beer and Thunderbolts

When I wrote about being at The Molly Wee Pub, David Pennington commented to remind me that he and I spent some time in that bar. There have been plenty of posts where I could have included “David moments” in … Continue reading

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Cherished: A Portrait, a Photograph, a Memory, a Feeling

Note: This is a guest post for the Cherished Blogfest. It was written by my brother Bruce and I am honored to present it to you. I have an oil painting of my late wife Barb from a picture we … Continue reading

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Cherished – Scroll Saw Project

The hardest part of this blogfest was narrowing the field of cherished objects down to a single item. The second hardest part was staying south of 500 words because WordPress counts the photo descriptions and, well, I do tend to … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–Don’t Tell Mom

I left something out of the Urban Hike post last week. It was a planned omission because I wanted to save a little bit of sightseeing for Norm’s Thursday Doors series. We spied this door while heading north from Charter … Continue reading

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WordPress Might be Improving

When I was working in the yard digging those trenches, I had my iPhone in my back pocket. I always have it with me. I check it now and then, and I usually turn it off before replacing it to … Continue reading

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Fleas, Weeds and Bunnies

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “fly/flies/flew/flu/flue.” Choose one, use ’em all, it’s up to you. Have fun!” I know that Linda’s alliterative and repetitive prompt doesn’t mention fleas, but as soon as I read it, I … Continue reading

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